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Hi. I am new here. I don't know exactly where to go. I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines and I am interested in studying in Australia for a bridging course that will help me become a registered nurse there. I need... Read More

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    Hi guys. anyone for the september intake in melbourne? IHNA?

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    hi is there any BP schools in melbourne that offers a study now pay later plan program? or is there any agency in victoria that sponsors overseas nurses???
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    Quote from misslainern
    hi is there any BP schools in melbourne that offers a study now pay later plan program? or is there any agency in victoria that sponsors overseas nurses???
    You will be lucky in Victoria to find an employer to sponsor you for a working visa.
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    i would like to ask if there's anyone who can give me ideas about OET preparatory course in Australia? the list of universities or schools that offer an OET prep course? how much would it cost me? and other requriements for Student Visa?
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    Try Philmanagement inc. thats the agency that assists in the fly now pay later scheme. Do you have your ielts now? thats the first requirement plus at least 1 year experience.
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    hello mikeyrho314!

    i applied for june 2012 intake at IHNA melbourne. on april 9, they sent me an email saying i passed their interview and a letter of offer will be sent soon. april 17, they emailed me saying they will send the letter of offer only through email AND they have seats available for May intake! they also asked if i was interested to be part of said intake. i immediately replied with yes even if im not sure i'll make it in time.

    does IHNA specify which visa the student should apply for?

    what documents did you submit when you applied for your visa?

    hope to hear from you soon. thanks!
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    hello....are you for May intake at IHNA?
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    Quote from nursezest
    Hi mikeyrho314 and ned1968!

    I am also for VCHN/IHNA this June 25th in Melbourne. How did you guys pay your enrollment fee? I was about to pay the $1000 enrollment fee online via credit card but it says server system error. Deadline of the two weeks time they gave me will be tomorrow. I'm a bit worried. I can only pay via credit card. Already sent lots of inquiries to IHNA but still no reply from them.
    hi! how's your application going? are u still in for june intake of IHNA melbourne? =)
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    Quote from san_migs314
    hello....are you for May intake at IHNA?
    i just read this now. sorry. i'm for june.
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    Quote from mikeyrho314
    Hello destiny05....with regards to the COE, Ive requested it from my former employer to put statements according to the standards required by AHPRA, like Full time registered nurse etc etc. In addition, Ive also mentioned in the last part of the certification that Im applying for the Registration to the Nursing and Midwifery board of Australia. In my CV, Ive included clinical procedures in a tabular form and check if competent or observed. In addition, I requested my head nurse to acknowledge my skills. If you still have any questions just feel free to ask....your welcome.....
    Hi mikeyrho314! Thank you so much for the info! I really have no idea on how I must state all the clinical procedures in my CV. So does that mean that we just have to plainly state the procedures, for example "straight catheterization", so just that..meaning you no longer have to state the details on how the ff skills are done, is it right? Also, what is it in the COE that the employer must put? thank you very much! hope you'll get to respond..

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