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i knew of the recent vt denials and just as of yesterday my friend's letter of rejection from az, same as ca bon's reason. let's all thank our ched, prc and pna for doing a "great" job of not... Read More

  1. by   fim1234
    Who here applied for oregon?
  2. by   gabrielocampoquinto
    hi there. i'm planning on taking nclex to new mexico, my concern is if NM applied the concurrency issue as well, and when did you pass your exam?
  3. by   troikaenerio
    I just got my ATT from TX.. u can apply there guys
  4. by   GodmademeRN
    @troi, whats are the requiremenst for applying licensure in texas? thank you
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from DianaBG10
    @troi, whats are the requiremenst for applying licensure in texas? thank you
    Check the BON website, everything should be listed there. Link can be found at the bottom of the page
  6. by   GodmademeRN
    thank you 😃
  7. by   troikaenerio
    yep check out their site..they need CGFNS CES..no english exam whatsoever..just that
  8. by   GodmademeRN
    thank you )
  9. by   steppybay
    Quote from DianaBG10
    @troi, whats are the requiremenst for applying licensure in texas? thank you
    Do you plan to work and practice in TX as your first nursing job upon passing the NCLEX-RN? If so, then, go for it.

    But if you plan to endorse or transfer in another different state, then you will still to meet that real desired state's requirements. This will increase your cost (in terms of paying for the necessary for any English exam and pass plus fees if your courses needs to be evaluated) AND not to mention extra time wasted waiting and waiting waiting extra months for the positive results.

    Endorsing into a concurrency enforcement State will be even more waste of time and money and any fees submitted to any BON is non-refundable, even if rejected or denied.

    You can read of all the disappointments and frustrations so many PH nurses and grads are having trying to do this "state hopping" around, it doesn't work and it's caused two States so far to change their minimum requirements due to possible and numerous movements they are seeing in recent months.

    As an example: NV recently required any international applicant to submit a copy of their local and country's RN license early this year. NM now requires some kind of form statement that if you obtain a RN in their state you will keep it there for 5 years and you sign a statement to that effect. It will ask what your plans are, how long to you plan to stay, what country are you from, etc.
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  10. by   steppybay
    Quote from lucus_clyne
    hi, one of my friends called new york and new jersey Board of Nursing just last week for inquiries about their requirements then unfortunately, they started to add the requirements that the california and the other 12 states have... (just sharing) so that means there are 15 states that have the same concurrency issues...
    Is this true or just rumors? I think both States are still passing the ATT without any problems as of this present time, but it wouldn't surprise me if either BON decided to start the enforcement some time this year.
  11. by   butterflykisses0612
    Hi Troi, just want to confirm so the TX BON did'nt require you to take english test? I am thinking of applying to TX too and move there if given a chance i read that you already received your ATT so meaning there is concurrency issue with them? thanks for your post! and to this site Will definitely start the process now.. and hopefully i will get a good news too!
  12. by   butterflykisses0612
    *there's no concurrency issue
  13. by   troikaenerio
    hi butterfly kisses, yes no english exam..u better hurry as more and more states are trying to apply ca's concurrency requirements..good luck and God bless you!