What's on your lab coat?

  1. It seems like too much to have First Last, RNC MSN FNP.
    I thought of even just doing 1st line First Last and 2nd Line Nurse Practitioner.

    There are still people that aren't very familiar with NPs...I think using all those letters could just be confusing. So...what is embroidered on your lab coats or do you wear a name badge instead?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I have "traumaRUs", APN and that's it. In IL, we are required to have "APN" after our name, not necessarily CNS, NP, CNP, CRNA.

    I have a long and difficult to pronounce name so my first and last name is a line in itself.

    I do have one lab coat where I have "traumaRUs, APN, MSN, Clinical Nurse Specialist but its so darn crowded it looks silly. So...much depends on what your state requires and how long your name is.
  4. by   Gator FNP
    I live in Florida, we are ARNP. I have my name, ARNP-BC. I am certified through the ANCC.
  5. by   PICUPNP
    Does your institution require the lab coat?
  6. by   jer_sd
    I usually have a coffee stain...

    But I only put NP after my name, If I were to spell out all of my credentials it would be longer than my name. And onyone who has credentials wraping around to their armpit has issues in my mind.

    I only wear my labcoat when I round in the hospital. The pockets are usefull, copies of progress notes for billing, supplies to remove chest tubes ect.. In the clinic I have scrubs that have my name with NP on it then my name tag.

  7. by   JDCitizen
    My last lab coat: JDCitizen, FNP-C

    Don't wear one now :-)
  8. by   VivaRN
    Name badge says it all - VivaRN, FNP, MPH

    It's not the credentials I should have legally (APRN-BC) but no one seems to care. All of us NP's have something different. Some put RN, FNP. Some put only APRN. It's laughable. No wonder patients are confused!
  9. by   juan de la cruz
    We do not have an institutional policy regarding credentials on our lab coats so I do see quite a bit of variation in titles as far as NP's go. I also do not wear my lab coat consistently as it tends to get in the way when I have to gown up and do procedures in the patient's rooms. However, I doubt if patients can actually read the letters on the lab coats. Our name badges are more easily distinguishable and we do have an instututional policy that only the words "Nurse Practitioner" is displayed below our name on the hospital badge.
  10. by   rnsrgr8t
    On my labcoat:
    RNsrgr8t, RN, CPNP
    Pediatric Urology

    On my ID badge :
    RNsrgr8t, APN
    Advanced Practice Nurse

    The labcoat is our choice what we want on there, I have a rather long name so RN, CPNP is the only thing that will fit. Our ID badges are hospital policy. Since there are so many different credentials for the APN's, they call all of us that. I don't have to wear a labcoat but I do b/c I like having all of the pockets for all of the stuff I carry with me (pager, palm pilot, business cards, pens, calculator etc.)