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    As a new grad NP, is it true that typhon logs are used as a basis for employment? Particularly for those moving out of state.

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    Hmmm. Never heard that.
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    During my last semester of school we were required to compile a professional portfolio. We were told that some prospective employers may request to see this portfolio to help evaluate our candidacy for the position but I have never been asked for it. You could always keep a copy that way if someone does ask for it then you have it.
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    The only reason to keep them IMHO is to validate your clinical experiences.
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    Some hospitals or hospital based clinics want to see them as part of your credentialing process.
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    Also have never heard of it. The AANP/ANCC wouldn't let you test/certify you without appropriate hours so I wouldn't see why employers would want specific logs.
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    I'm asking because my RN background revolves around long term care and med surg. When I graduate, I wish to go for a specialty. I'm in my final semester right now and there is a cardiologist that is willing to train me beyond the minimum hours required of my school program, which is fine by me.

    I just want to make sure that when I apply for jobs (and I'm moving out of state), this specialty training gets recognized. If I simply write it in my resume or CV, I'm concerned that they won't take it seriously. My professor states that if I don't log into the typhons what I've done, it will be a red flag for employment.
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    The typhon logs are new since I graduated but still it's kinda like clinicals in nursing school: you gotta have them but they don't count as experience.
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    As a RN, I provided my typhon logs to employers at interviews and they were impressed. I plan on offering it to my NP job apps, especially re: competencies for procedures, most common Dx, etc.
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    They are a great help if audited.

    They try and "sell" you on a portfolio but rally I have never heard of an employer even glancing at this. It's a sales pitch point that is not used in practice.

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