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I am a new grad FNP and wanted to move to Florida to enjoy the sunshine. I was disappointed to learn that Florida is one of only 2 states in the US (the other is GA) where NP's cannot write prescriptions for controlled... Read More

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    Some great points David. I know this is off topic, but can you give me (post or private message) some the sources for the percentage of owning practices? I am taking a class right now, and that would be some great info for me to share with the class. I seem to be finding some misperceptions about the PA profession, and you know me, I like to keep people up to date!
    The numbers for NPs come from Advance for NP (questions 6).

    For the PAs its a little more complex. On page 19 Table 3.22 there is a question about ownership. It breaks it down by type.

    David Carpenter, PA-C
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