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  1. BChapp3182

    What is the best NP job you have seen???

    Specialty areas tend to be the highest paying. I work for myself in my own business and do all cash clients. I perform anti-aging treatments like bio-identical hormones, botox, dermal fillers and practice holistic/functional medicine using herbs and alternative treatments combined with traditional medicine. I LOVE my job because I am actually helping people and not just throwing pills at their symptoms. I get to the root of their problem and take the whole body into account, never compartmentalizing one system. I regularly make $800-$1000/day after expenses. I only work a few days a week and love the flexibility to work when I want to. I also teach aesthetics a few days a month and can make anywhere from $800-$1500 a day. Mind you this is not full time work, I could grow my practice into 5 days a week and make more money but it has taken a decade of work and training to get to this point. I did not walk into it overnight. My friends who were new grads and went into the ER made the big bucks right out of school, with overtime they get $120/hr!! Plus benefits, etc. I have to pay all my own healthcare, etc. No one pays me for holiday pay, overtime, etc. But my job is not stressful, people are happy and I really am making a difference which is what it's all about!:)
  2. BChapp3182

    United Healthcare Housecalls

    I have done these before, not for United but another staffing company. They pay per visit usually $65 or $75. You can realistically perform 3-4 per day. The exam alone takes an hour if your fast (involve glucose check, urine dipstick, monofilament test, vitals, eye exam, test of all cranial nerves, it's extremely comprehensive, review of all meds and teaching, checking drug interactions, etc). You must also call the patients the night before to tell them your coming. leave messages, call back, it gets time consuming. The paperwork alone is 12 or more pages of very detailed stuff so the company can get paid for everything you do. In the end it was not worth it since time spent with the patient averaged 1.5hrs (these are elders with many, many, many conditions, questions galore and lonly on top if it so they want you stay). Time spent driving at least half hour between locations. The sad part is how much we are paid. The insurance company bills about $800 for a visit like that, we get $75? I figured after my time spent I ended up making about $20/hr. No thanks!! I did it for less than a week as soon as I saw the reality of it.
  3. BChapp3182

    Online Rx with no exam or pt contact?

    Can someone please explain to me how these weight loss, antiaging and other type of online clinics are prescribing prescription medications to patients who are never physically examined by the prescribing practitioner? All they do is fill out an online medical history, pay and get a prescription or a medication delivered right to them. I saw alot of this with overseas pharmacies but now I see it going on here in the US. How can this be legal (because there's no way it's safe!)??
  4. BChapp3182

    Aesthetic/Medical Spa Nursing

    Salary is going to be difficult to pin down as it ranges based on experience. I've seen it pays the same as regular nursing jobs, not more. You do get tips from customers sometimes. I have been both an RN and ARNP in aesthetics making $30/hr as an entry level RN all the way to $75/hr as a master injector ARNP. I also teach privately now in a real working medical spa environment.
  5. BChapp3182

    What type of Job can u get with PhD?

    I am contemplating getting into research, going back for my PhD. However, what sort of job can I get with this degree? I'm leaning more towards research for general areas of medicine/health rather than focused on nursing related research. For example I am more interested in development of a cure for cancer vs. development of a way to reduce medication errors. Should I go back for phd in biomedical research and not nursing?? So confused...what do nurse researchers do? If I spend time and money on this degree will it pay off in a pay upgrade? Can any phd's out there tell me about your job and your pay range? TIA!
  6. BChapp3182

    Job market for new grads

    I am also in S. FL. Graduated May 2009. Most of my classmates that got NP jobs were RNs in the same hospital department and most in a very specialized area like pediatric neuro. They had been RNs in these jobs for years and were able to stay on as an NP. The rest of us took anywhere from 8-12 months to find low paying jobs, meaning only making what we got as RNs or even offered less. Others moved out of state where medical workers are paid better and there were more oppertunities. I took a job where I had to commute 4 hours, stay away from my family for 4 days and drive back 4 hours. One of my classmates lives in Kendall (Miami) and commutes to Key West (4 hr drive each way) because he was unable to get a job in Miami. He is still looking for something local. Basically as a new grad to get a job you must know someone, get very lucky or have a special skill that is unique and valued to set you apart. The competition is horrible for medical jobs here and what's worse is the pay is so low. If I could move out of south FL I would. Wish I could paint a prettier picture but we are at the bottom of the pool of workers as new grad NPs. No employer wants to invest in training you, etc.
  7. I work at a medical spa/laser center in Florida. I'm an FNP. My employer thinks it's okay to hire a certified laser tech to perform hair removal without direct physician supervision. However, FL law clearly states the tech can only operate under "direct physician supervision" which I interpret to mean on site. Well, there is no doctor on site here. So, ethically, legally, if I know a laser tech is operating without MD supervision is my license in jeopardy? Currently I am doing all the lasers and would LOVE to have a tech do them, but so long as it's legal and my license is not at peril. Suggestions, comments?
  8. BChapp3182

    Post masters in mental health-advice plz

    I'm seriously considering getting a post masters in mental health with the eventual goal of opening my own practice specializing in adult mental health issues and doing therapy sessions. I am currently an FNP. I don't know which route to take in going back to school to get this degree? Is it quicker to do a CNS, do a therapist certification, or do the ARNP metal health track? Too many options, too confusing! As an FNP I can already rx, what I lack is the knowledge to do therapy sessions and manage the mental health pt. I'm looking for the fastest, cheapest route to get there. Any suggestions? Any online schools that are good?
  9. BChapp3182

    Employment problems?

    I live in south FL, it took me 8 months to get a part time job here in a field I had RN experience in. I started part time and when one of the other part time NPs quit I was able to go almost full time and currently work 30-35hrs/week only. My friends I graduated with are all employed but took them from 8-11 months to find jobs and most are still job hopping with unhappy positions, just working anywhere to have money. It's a sad situation. No one wants to train a new grad anymore. Pay rates are low. We went to a traditional face to face school, not online.
  10. BChapp3182

    What does it take to become the CNO?

    Thanks for the advice. I've been interviewing for administrative/management positions outside of the hospital setting (home health, agencies, health ins companies) but no offers as of yet. I am finding that they want the MSN plus either experience as a manager or the healthcare administration degree. So, I'm considering doing a post graduate certificate to increase my chances of landing that first job. Then I guess I'll go from there. Perhaps the hospital management position is out of the question as I'm just gettin too old...lol.
  11. BChapp3182

    unusual NP jobs

    I currently work in aesthetics/cosmetics part time. Not the typical ARNP job. We also are getting into weight loss and anti-aging, bioidentical hormones..
  12. I would not go into nursing if you have worked your way up in your current position. I'd focus instead on how to make my current job better before I went and took a pay cut and jumped into a field I knew nothing about. The grass is NOT always greener on the other side. Nursing jobs are next to impossible for new grads to get unless you can relocate. I don't see this clearing up until the economy stabilizes. The nursing/healthcare areas always used to be a sure bet and decent pay. Not anymore. Let's say your making $80k now are you willing to make $40k (if you even get a job), then maybe in 7 years be making closer to $80k. If it's money your chasing your time is better spent going to medical school because at least then when 7-8yrs is over and you graduate you'll be making six figures. I've been a nurse for 16 years. Started as LPN, then RN and now new grad NP and can not find full time work in heavily populated south FL. It's been 8 months and all I can get, even with all my LPN/RN experience is a part time job with no benefits. Now is not the time to play with your income. If you really want to do nursing I'd go part time, play it safe, then by the time you graduate there may be jobs. Please go check the forums at indeed.com, just look at all the unemployed new grads. This is no gravey train and the money is terrible. I made more as a personal trainer!
  13. BChapp3182

    New grad FNP- will taking this job pigeon hole me?

    Take the job. Unless you have offers and lots of interviews take the job. It's next to impossible for new grad NPs to get jobs in this economy and you need to start working as an NP in any capacity. It does not sound like the drug dealing type of pain clinic, so I would take it. If you don't like it, keep looking. I would do it for your first year so then you have NP experience. It took me several months after graduation to get my first job which is only part time, so I am still looking for work. TAKE IT! This economy is horrible, if the pay is good, they are not drug dealers and you can learn then do it.
  14. BChapp3182

    Anyone do Travel/Home Health?

    It was to do medicare home advantage visits where I would perform a h&p, chart review, kind of like case management stuff. It would be about an hour per visit. I was paid $65/visit as a 1099 contractor. The position I took was 3 hrs from my home so I would travel and stay in a hotel for 4 days, work a 10hr day then drive home. I could not handle being away from home, living out of my car and hotel rooms. Too lonley, so I only lasted a short while. I took it because I was desperate for any work I could get as a new grad The $65/visit does not really come out to all that much once you factor in taxes 15% (at least), gas, time spent reviewing charts before the visit, paying your own health ins and benefits. I think I calculated it all out and it's about 30-40% to cover your gas, taxes, benefits that another job would give. So your really working for like $39 or less per visit. I could do 8 per day because many visits were a double at the same location (husband/wife). If jobs were plentiful and times were good it's not a job I'd take again, too low pay.
  15. BChapp3182

    How Does the Obama Health Care Plan Affect NP's?

    I think what the physicians are talking about is that with universal coverage millions of more providers are going to instantly be needed because millions of more people will be insured. With less and less family docs it's safe to assume NPs/PAs will fill the gap. Personally I agree that there will be increased jobs but will they be decent paying jobs, a decent work environment or a mill like process pumping pts out? How do you rate the quality of care in your public health departments now? I can tell you I rotated through a few and it was horrific, disgustingly low salary, tons of red tape. My gyn clinic only saw 4-6pts per day simply because the providers felt why bother seeing more when I am paid so little, the paperwork is so much and just had a who cares attitude. They took 1.5 hr lunches, did personal things on work time, were inefficient, treated the pts like dirt and acted like "gods." All the while pts were lined up waiting 8+hrs to get a pap smear and b/c pills. Was nuts! I can tell you now, I don't wish to work in an environment like that!
  16. BChapp3182

    Job Offer-What do you think?

    So the deal offered is to see elderly pts in the home, ALF, rehab centers, etc basically driving around doing quick home visits. Schedule is whatever I want it to be. The job would be as a 1099 contractor for 60% of collections. The average visit is $100 to $110, so I would get about $60/visit. In my particular situation I don't need health insurance and luckily I don't pay for gas. I should also add I am a new grad with no real experience and the market is tight in my area of south FL. But I do a have a very nice part time job elsewhere so this would be supplemental income. What do you think? Raw deal or good enough to take?