Scary reading doctor forums about NPs...

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    So as I've been winding my way through the decision-making process of NP/PA/MD/DO I found myself at a very active forum community of medical students/professionals/etc. across all parts of the field. I learned LOTS when i was specifically researching what was needed for the medical school process. (I removed the name of the forum due to an administrator PM I got)

    I did a search of the term "nurse practitioner" within their forums to get a sense of the thoughts on the field from that angle...

    Wow! I was not prepared for the amount of negativity and vitriol I saw. Most of what I read was very damning of the NP field (specifically in regards to the progression of NPs to have scopes similar to MD/DOs and independent practice rights).

    Is this the feeling everywhere? I'm excited about the opportunity to practice primary care medicine in a primary care clinic without the massive sacrifices of MD/DO school. But I sort of get the sense that NP's are becoming pariahs.

    Now I know this is just an internet forum, but I wondered if practicing NPs or NP students were getting a similar impression?

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    Bear in mind it is an internet site where anyone can be anybody at anytime; shamefully bold in their posts and even cowardly with the truth about nurses in general and Nurse Practitioners specifically.

    Sure, you can say the same here, too (anyone being anybody, that is)......

    But to answer your question, personally for me........? No, I do not meet that type of negativity. I don't think the vast majority of APNs who post here do. The majority of negativity that comes here to allnurses comes from non-nurses (and, I'm not speaking of nursing students).

    Take what you read on non-nursing websites with a grain of salt. And, stay here for the truth.

    Good luck with your APN plans.
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    Hmmm I have no idea what forum you read that on but I wonder if it may be a med student/resident sort of thing.

    I have encountered NO issues from MD's DO's or who ever. Here in WA state we have independent practice and in my setting are perferred over PA's as we do not require any supervision/IE we are our own provider. I do work with a couple of Doc's who have pleasently muttered as we lean back at the end of a shift, that it must be nice (for me) to have the perceived lessened debt burden rather than theirs. I suppose it depends what practice you are in and such. I can sort of understand from their point of view the perception (not truth) of my shorter education. They do not fully appreciate until I share with them the yrs of ICU, airlift, ED et et et that I bring to the bedside when treating patients..
    just my 2 cents


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    Let the student docs fight it out. Believe me when they grow up and get MD behind their name, if they do, they'll apologize. Remember these are children with lots of education but no life experience.

    I've been an APN for almost 5 years, a nurse for almost 19 years. Real doctors are appreciative and knowledgeable about APNs.
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    I have read one of those forums !! the student MDs just thrash and trash the NPs. I was laughing out loud at times..some of the comments were so funny..its good humor if you get bored.
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    THAT forum (and I imagine we all know which one it is) is populated by a bunch of MD-wannabe's. Most of those that slam NP's aren't even in med school yet, let alone practicing physicians.

    The reality is very different. Don't read the MD forums ... they are dark, nasty places
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    Totally agree.
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    Have never found one of those forums....sounds like interesting reading! I've personally not encountered the negativity and hate you describe from the forums. I'm sure there *are* quite a few docs who, understandably, are not happy with NPs and PAs who (in their point of view) have less than half the schooling they do, way less student loan debt and who seemingly do the same things they do. It would totally **** me off too!!
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    I know exactly how you feel OP. While meeting MDs as preceptors in NP school, I only met professionals who understand the role of the NP and value it. I got nothing but support and encouragement from all the physicians I know socially, and from my former RN workplace as well. Dont take it to heart.
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    Thanks for the responses, everyone.

    Question - do you think this negativity is directed more at DE NP programs and not the NP field in general?

    I'm considering a DE program - I have no prior nursing experience (I'm working as a medical scribe now, and will have 1.5 years of that under my belt before the program begins). I totally understand the criticism of the DE NP programs and have fears there myself in terms of sufficient education. I plan to be proactive there by taking lots of pre-medical science courses before my program begins, and seeking as much clinical training opportunities as I can.

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