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  1. allennp

    APRN Dual Certifications Benefits?

    I think it might be for some. I have a hard time seeing where the differentation of the ARNP role is going to end. If I was 30 yrs younger going in to this I would struggle to decide, I am currently inpatient working at a level one center as a FNP. Sort of grandfathered in, now we hire mostly ACNP's for inpatient. Thing is I take care of kids as well. Both clinic, inpatient and ED/ICU. What cert would be best? I guess ACNP, FNP. Ironically I lecture and precept ACNP and FNP students, and have previously served as expert content source for the initial ACNP workup and planning(though in reality contributed little). My current position needs the pediatric component that the ACNP would not cover. The current consensus model has few advocates, but its water under the bridge and one must live with it.
  2. allennp

    APRN Dual Certifications Benefits?

    I am aware of several FNP’s who have gone back to get ACNP certification so they could work acute care/inpatient roles.
  3. allennp

    NP VS. PA salary

    Where I am we/us prefer NP’s for billing and independent licensure.
  4. allennp

    NP VS. PA salary

    My experience after 10 yrs, no difference. Reimbursements based on position, place of employment and experience.
  5. allennp

    Any NPs in EMS or the Fire Dept?

    as a current FNP and previous medic I do not see a lot of usefulness in a NP working prehospital. A focused prehospital EMS program gives in my opinion a much better clinical and didactic program for managing issues in the field, vs a ACNP or FNP, the benefit of prescriptive authority is minimal with the guidelines and protocols that have been developed. Plus who the *ell wants to work 24 hr shifts in the field hauling backboards and intoxicated folks.
  6. allennp

    ICU Nurse Practitioners in teaching hospitals

    Well said.
  7. allennp

    CME's on MP3/podcast etc

    For years I have listened to HIPPO rap, podcast that is certified for my CE. I am now signed up for their primary care. Its a excellent CME. Research, esoteric facts, reviews and opinions really well down. I seriously enjoy them and its well worth the money.
  8. allennp

    NP's answering to Nursing Management?

    This has a great point I have not reflected on much, I am a advanced practice nurse hence I suppose?? I practice nursing.... yet in reality we are in the same healthcare role as our colleagues DO's, MD's and PA's. We are share expertise and consult our expert colleagues when appropriate, and they us depending on specialty. It is a curious twist to consider who manages me, and I do not much care as long as they are professional and provide me the ability to provide the best care at the most efficient cost to my/our patients. I have seen some horrid physician/ARNP managers and superb RN managers. I do not want to get to caught up in the letters behind a name, just as my patients do not get caught up with the letters behind our name, but rather consider the product and outcome perhaps?
  9. allennp

    NP's answering to Nursing Management?

    Good comments here, and to answer the OP. I worked in a large academic center ED and the NP/PA's were managed by the RN director of the ED. Medical control by the EM director. The manager had a remarkable control including excluding NP's from having NP students, yet of course their were medical students in the ED. Also input over hiring and schedules. So it does happen. I never felt comfortable with it. I am still in the same system and have my administrator being a NP with my Medical director a MD which for me is comfortable.
  10. allennp

    Which offer? ED or URGENT CARE?

    Oh my, no you misunderstand. I took a inpatient position trauma services to many advantages to describe. I also love what I do!!
  11. allennp

    Which offer? ED or URGENT CARE?

    HA! I love that Truth is there, I have been in both, in ED fair amount of expected supervisor just as the residents and interns get though of course I am not one! UC on my own. Truth be I think as I am a FNP that the UC is more in my scope of practice it might be argued and I could go a couple of ways on it. I di find it a bit err.... I say carefully boring, though one had to always keep your eyes open and always work things up as I encountered many sick folks that did not think they were that sick hence presenting to the UC with...its just a cough. Left it all to work nice hrs and make some reasonable money at the same time...to have a life its all good A
  12. allennp

    Help (Seattle/WA): AGPC-NP jobs?

    seems to me the more you focus/narrow the more you restrict your options? Why not FNP and focus with post doc work on Gero. I know a number of practices with heavy Gero load but would not hire a Gero specific provider. I however am far from being aware of everything and I may be misreading the market. Lots of NP's coming into the market now. I am curious to what the future holds. Yes I am in Seattle.
  13. allennp

    Eliminating Physicians/Medical Schools

    We need MD's we need NP's, we need RN's we are all spokes on the wheel, different overlapping supporting roles.
  14. "Mar 17 by fathertod, BSN, RN Your best training and career bet is to go to Harborview. You will not regret it" Harborview is a great place no doubt. However if you wish to be a NP/PA and do a lot of procedures that is not the place. One of its mission statements is to train MD's and interns/residents will do 98% of all procedures for some aspect of their training. If there is any issue is that there is concern there is not enough OR/procedure time for interns/residents. NP/PA's or healthcare specialists as they are called round on floors, run clinics, discharge and do the grind of heavy day to day lifting there of daily provider work to allow higher level training options for the interns/residents. Its a great place with super staff with a real sense of mission but not a procedure rich environment for NP's. Very limited involvement with the critically ill. Interestingly/sadly they do not even allow NP students in the ED anymore...all teaching spots are for MD students. Just FYI.
  15. allennp

    quality of work life balance

    well if you love your staff nurse position and hours why change? Nothing wrong with that! Its all a balance, spokes on the wheel, all points of life should be smooth for a easier ride.... that being said for me I feel I can impact patients lives in a different way as a NP, better hours, better pay, more headaches in a vague sort of way but thats life. I have never looked back... Its what that works for you. A
  16. allennp

    Salaried vs hourly

    This and I like it also, good combo. I know a similar NP in the same system who is salaried and makes a touch more than me who would argue she has a preferred system. YMMV depending on your personality a

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