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PMHNP certification questions!!!

  1. 0 I just graduated in May from a PMHNP program, most of which was self directed. I am very nervous to take my ANCC certification. Until I read some other threads on this site I did not know that many people do not pass their first time.

    Does anyone have any tips for passing? What worked for you?

    I have gone to the Barkley review, I have also purchased the ANCC practice questions, and some other psych review questions.

    Help, your advice is needed.
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    used ancc study guide and passed first attempt. lots of my classmates passed on first attempt as well.
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    I have not found nearly as much review materials available for the FPMHNP as for the FNP. Our instructors had mentioned the two solutions above but I am the overkill type myself and would appreciate any additional suggestions. As I understand it, they are still revising the family PMHNP exam. That makes me a bit apprehensive.
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    i mentioned in another post that i took the adult pmhnp test in 2007, i also took the new test when ancc was asking for volunteers to take the test so they could get preliminary data about the test. i took the tests about 9 months apart. for the real test for certification i only used the ancc study guide which was online and had a voice recording that was pretty useless, which was also under revision so they only had the old guide, but i just tried to memorize everything in it and everything i could think of related to the topics. i didn't study at all for the second test and we were never told scores. to me the tests were almost exactly the same. there was very little difference, so i wouldn't expect the new test to be any improvement or any more difficult than the last test. (many questions were literally the exact same questions as the old test)

    my best advice is to read the questions carefully and read questions multiple times, look at all the answers and see how they fit into the question. most of the questions are really badly written, poorly worded, and the most difficulty i had was trying to figure out exactly what they were asking. i felt if i could figure out the question i would know the answer most of the time. some questions were short and straight forward, go through those quickly, but anything with a full sentence or more--read them carefully.

    i felt pressured for time when taking the test and tried to move quickly bc i was afraid i would run out oftime, but i finished with probably 45 minutes remaining--so, there is time to read and think about the questions--so definitely do this. and yes, i passed first time.
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    Which school did you attend?
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    Is their anyone interested in selling their ANCC review book, Barkley review, or any other recommended reviews? I have the Fitzgerald CD's and I graduate in May. Do I need other review books?
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    I just used the ANCC review book and the 150 practice questions available online at the ANCC site. Glad I did.
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    Did the Barkely review help you? Someone is selling the cd's and review book on Ebay. Should I buy it for $200
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    Did you have to buy the ANCC book?
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    I am using the ANCC book, the ANCC practice questions, and the Fitzgeralds book and audio CDs. I am so nervous!! But I am glad to see that the ANCC study materials helped people to pass. Any new tips from anyone?
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    I was wondering did you find any additional beneficial information for board review? Have you taken boards yet? If so, what would you recommend for studying??
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    I was wondering did you find any additional beneficial information for board review? Have you taken boards yet? If so, what would you recommend for studying??
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    I'm studying for the exam now I took it back in Jan and did not pass..lot's going on..I am studying now for it. Basically, it's not hard but you have to know each area and the best study material is ANCC..or you will find yourself all over the place studying needlessly!!