Okay to opt out of free lunches? (drug reps) - page 2

I'm a new NP in a small clinic. We get free lunch from drug reps several times per week. I would prefer not to partake in these lunches for several reasons: - I have ethical concerns about the free lunches from drug reps - The... Read More

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    One of the MDs I worked for would listen to the updated spiel (which insurance was now accepting their drug as a tier 2 instead of tier 3, blah blah blah), grab his styrofoam box, say thanks, and go back to his desk. Eating a meal bought by a drug rep isn't an ethical dilemma--free Moe's burritos from one rep shouldn't deter you from writing a script for them or their competitor. If a free chicken sandwich makes you (or anyone) write a script for a drug that shouldn't be written, then there's more issues going on than we can tackle on this board. Just step in, say hello and that you have paperwork to take care of in your office, and give them a few minutes then leave. Lunch is your time and you are not obligated to the reps, but always get the samples! If there's a huge, major breakthrough then they will let you know or schedule an after-hours dinner outside the office for an educational session.

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