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NP programs for non-nursing BS or BS holders

  1. 0 Are you interested in fast-tracking it to NP status?

    The UCSF MEPN program is for people with BA's or BS's in subjects other than nursing. In fact, they emphasize that not having much previous health experience is okay. In three years you become a nurse practitioner. (Incidentally, I'm currently applying to this program for 2008.)

    I'm having trouble finding information on other such programs, if they exist.

    Please post such information here. I think it would be a great resource for people.:spin: Please include hyperlinks to the actual program page! It makes it so much easier!
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    What part of the country are you interested in? Here are some programs in the Midwest:

    The University of Illinois-Chicago has a program:

    The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

    Marquette University

    Case Western Reserve University

    There are many others if you do a web search.
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    Thanks for the info!

    I'm in California where I'd ideally like to stay. I just checked out the University of San Diego's MEPN program, although it looks incredibly expensive at around $80,000 from what I can tell. (Just tuition.)

    Know anything about programs in California???
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    Check out this link from AACN.

    They give a detailed list of all of the accelerated direct-entry MSN programs.

    Azusa Pacific University
    California State University-Bakersfield
    California State University-Dominguez Hills
    California State University-Fresno
    California State University-Long Beach
    California State University-Los Angeles
    California State University-Sacramento
    Samuel Merritt College
    San Francisco State University
    Sonoma State University
    University of California-Los Angeles
    University of California-San Francisco
    University of San Diego
    University of San Francisco
    Western University of Health Science
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    Note: All these programs are expensive. Some are a cheaper that $80K, but if you go after the NP Direct-entry (and not the generic MSN/ MN direct-entry) you will pay more.

    If you want to keep costs low you can always go to a generic MSN/MN direct entry for 12-16 months, graduate, pass the NCLEX, work, THEN register for a Post-Master's certificate for the NP.

    Maximize the $$$!
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    EXCUSE ME????? How can you be a nurse practitioner if you're not a licensed nurse??? scarey thought. Is this what we're coming to?! I have never heard of any such program and would be very leary of such. Just who in the world are the instructors of these "NP's"? Other non-nurses??
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    It upsets me as well to know that someone with a BS or BA degree in English or Math can get into an accelerated program(a BSN in 1 year or MSN in 2-3). Myself with an ADN cannot do this without ALOT of non=nursing coursework even if I have 10 years of critical care and other nursing experience.
    I know I have the options to do what I want with regards to education, but I do not believe that MEPN's could ever understand what it is to be a nurse without being one(and I don't mean passing the NCLEX).
    It seems as if this is another way to generate high level professionals in nursing to compete with the other professionals such as PA's and MD's and PT's with Bachelors and higher level education.
    Tell me I am a jerk but I don't mean to be. I repect the enormous hard work and sacrifice that goes into furthering one's education(I too am in school for my BSN). Just think, how does one tell a nurse how to care for someone when that nurse has never really done it? How do you develop nursing sense and instincts without that direct experience you can only glean from having been there enough times to know what is important in care.
    Take care
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    EBear and Sharann: You both raise some very valid concerns and have got me thinking about these issues. I'd like to make a polite suggestion, however, that one of you start a new thread, perhaps entitled: "NP's without nursing experience: can they be any good?" Or something along those lines.
    From what I know about one of the most prestigious MEPN programs, that of UCSF, they actually encourage people with non-health care, non-medical backgrounds to apply. I think it has something to do with the value of varied life experiences. They do encourage some previous health-related work, volunteer work for example, and other obvious things like speaking a second language.
    I'll just add that personally I volunteered in a free clinic for years before deciding to pursue a career in health-care. And though I can see the obvious annoyance of having an NP, without any RN work experience, trying to tell RN's what to do, I assume that already happens with doctors. (Joke, some of my best friends are doctors.)
    Perhaps if I have a few moments I'll start the new thread myself. If one of you does, however, please let me know.
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    Yale has a MEPN program. It is three years.
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    Quote from capybaralife
    EBear and Sharann: You both raise some very valid concerns and have got me thinking about these issues. I'd like to make a polite suggestion, however, that one of you start a new thread, perhaps entitled: "NP's without nursing experience: can they be any good?" Or something along those lines.

    We've had that particular topic here in various incarnations.

    I'll list a few....

    Of course a new thread can never hurt! Fresh discussion is always good.
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    No need to start a thread about the topic of no RN experience prior to NP program.

    Here is the current very lengthy thread (sticky thread found in the NP forum):
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