I got a job.

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    I'm really happy, excited, nervous...etc. Its with an urgent care, not retail. To keep my mind fresh Ive been reading articles/guidelines like crazy, signing up for subscriptions. Looking up stuff I didnt get too much in my clinicals OB?GYN stuff, looking up stuff that Ill probably be seeing. But I know I just have to get into the trenches. The physicians and other practitioners seem very nice and eager to work together. Im just finishing up the credentialing process..who knew there was soooo much paperwork ...and faxing...and copying.....

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best!
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    Congratulation to you !!!! Learn all you can
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    Congrats! I'm still looking for a job.
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    Awesome & congrats.
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    Congrats to you! It's always exciting for this to happen - and often a relief too!

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