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I am getting ready to graduate with my ASN, and I'm getting ready to immediately start a 1 yr. ASN to BSN program, then after that thinking about getting my MSN...maybe... My question is...if I would like to get an MSN, but I'm... Read More

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    Helper - I do apologize. My specific comment was geared to ER nursing which is really the only place I would want to work as a NP. I didn't say this in my post and certainly understand where you are coming from. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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    Oh, that's ok traumaRUS. I understand. Yea I would imagine ER is very competitive, even among the docs too. I knew of one dr who was trying to get an ER job out of state. It took them months to finally offer him the position and he is a very good dr too.

    I would love to work in an ER myself, but at this point I'm only going to worry about finishing my nursing education and going from there.

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