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Nurse managers-Do you think tattoos look professional?

  1. 0 I am curious as to how nursing managers feel about tattoos. I know some people love tattoos and some people hate tattoos. Since nurse managers are in charge of hiring nurses, I am wondering how they feel about tattoos.
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    Many times tattoos are meaningful to the wearer. I just hired a young lady who had a breast cancer ribbon on her wrist.......of course I didn't ask but I'm sure there is a connection.
    I guess there is not one answer, it depends on what it is, where it is, how big it is etc.
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    against our work rules. all tattos have to be covered even on your hands
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    Personally, I have seen OLD people with tattos who looked like they had been tie-dyed. Our facility policy is tattos have to be covered. Sometimes they scare people (kids, anyone who relates them to gang members, etc). A co-worker has a large one on her ankle (tough to hide). She wears a really big bandage.
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    Not bothered either way to be truthful as long as the employee does their job
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    i don't know of any hospital in which tattoos are tolerated. they must be concealed in all cases.

    in most cultures tattoos are reserved to the criminal element. USA is one of the few 1st world countries in which they are common outside the criminal element.
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    I believe that it is unprofessional. It is showing personal attributes of an individual that shouldn't be shared in public environment. I liken it to high thong underwear and tongue rings. Those are much too personal to share when upholding a company image.
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    Haha. I disagree. I am an RN, and have travelled in over 100 hospital ER's and I have a TON of tattoos. I am very professional and work extremely hard. In the over 100 hospitals that I have worked in, I have NEVER been told or asked to "cover them up." The hospital I work for now and have for the past year has no problem with tattoos. Tattoo's are not only displayed within the criminal element, but they have been a militaristic symbol of pride for generations worldwide.
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    I have much more of a problem with people who have tongue studs. I have interviewed (and not hired) many applicants with these studs in their tongues. They can't speak coherently and sound like they are talking with a mouth full of food. Some even sit and twirl it around during the interview. I find that I can't focus on anything but their mouth and how distracting it is.

    If I didn't hire people with tattoos my work force would be cut by about 75%.

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    I'm no nurse manager. But I find any tattoo that cannot be covered unprofessional. As an example if you work in LTC your working the geriatric crowd. A tattoo on a women was virtually unheard of in their generation.
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    Our facility does not permit tats or piercings on anything but your ears and you are limited to two, at that.

    I agree with the policy.
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    Probably not, but I have one and I love it! I know I'll never be the CEO and I can cover it up easily so.....
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    I am an ADON. I personally find tattoos to be very unprofessional. And the older a person gets, and make no mistake, you will be old a lot longer than you are young (if you are lucky) the more unfortunate they become. I know they are the person preference of the person who has the tattoo. I guess I would just find it hard, on first impression, to trust the life of my child, husband, parent, to a person with "Live Free or Die", or Sponge Bob tattooed on their forearm.
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