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I am curious as to how nursing managers feel about tattoos. I know some people love tattoos and some people hate tattoos. Since nurse managers are in charge of hiring nurses, I am wondering how they... Read More

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    It doesn't bother me, some are quite beautiful. But if you show up with a tattoo, I hope it will be appropriate and of professional quality. I do not want to see jailhouse quality tattoos
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    I have started a new job at LTC. In the employee's handbook, it says all tattoos must be covered.
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    So much ignorance in this thread.
    Since when does the markings on someone's skin in anyway shape or form affect their ability to perform their job on a professional level?

    I question the intelligence of anyone who discriminates in this way. I imagine these are the nurses who think people with tattoos who end up in the hospital are probably there for gang or drug related issues. lol!
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    So much ignorance in this thread? I don't think so. I was just curious as to what the people who do the actual hiring of nurses think about tattoos? That's all.
    Everyone has the right to their own opinion.
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    Quote from Blackcat99
    So much ignorance in this thread? I don't think so. I was just curious as to what the people who do the actual hiring of nurses think about tattoos? That's all.
    Everyone has the right to their own opinion.

    I wasn't referring to your post.
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    I don't see that it's so discriminatory to ask that tattoos be covered up at work. Yes, all of us have the right to express our personalities, and some of us choose to do it by means of tattoos and piercings. But, like it or not, in our society, certain forms of appearance signify professionalism, and certain forms do not. I don't assume that every tattooed person I see has been on drugs or in jail. However, even though I hate shoes, I wouldn't show up to work barefoot and wearing ankle jewelry, because it doesn't look professional. If I had a tattoo, I would cover it if possible for the same reason. It's not about bias or judging someone on his looks. It's about upholding our professional images as nurses.
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    As a nurse manager I am concerned with the professional skills of the individual I am interviewing.
    I uphold corporate policy regarding professional appearance.
    The tatoos of a prospective staff person are not part of my interview process and would have no bearing on my decision...


    the person displays the tats in an unprofessional manner that is insensitive to the potential response of patients and families or the tatoo itself could be considered distasteful or disturbing to our patients.

    For instance, I once hired a hospice nurse who interviewed in modest and appropriate professional attire. When spring hit and her wardrobe changed it became apparent that she had 2 large "devil" heads on either side of her sternum which peeked over her tops.
    (I had noticed the smaller less "shocking" images on her lower arms) during our meetings. Given that we work in hospice I asked her to cover that tatoo out of deference to the patients/families emotional status.
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    Yes! I expect them to be covered at all times regardless of their location and/or meaning. I also expect all piercings except for ears to be removed.
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    I personally don't have any tatoos but feel that discrimination of any kind is wrong. My husband has 2. One is a heart with my name in it and the other is a cross on his left arm showing his devotion to his Savior. It is the 21st century and tatoos are more the norm now then they were even 10 years ago. You will lose a lot of good workers if you turn them away because of a tatoo.
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