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I am trying to find a way to express this concern without sounding critical. So well, here it goes... How come it seems as if so many nurse managers are randomly selected as managers with no... Read More

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    Quote from dinkymouse
    "Promoted well past the point of own incompetence. Fosters suspicion and backbiting to divert attention away from own poor managerial style."

    We have this exact same situation. The don has told us to quit complaining about her but something has to change or all of us are either going to quit or go crazy. She has set things she is supposed to do but always, (not generalizing) always assigns them to us. We are already swamped and doing her work is keeping us all there an hour or more extra. Instead of working with us to find solutions to problems on the unit she threatens with suspensions and disciplinary actions. She doesn't check her facts before accusing us of things and never apologizes when she is wrong. She has an office of her own but sits at the desk and we have no room to do our charting call doctors or anything. She left last night and when i returned to the desk there were charts open with unfinished orders in them. I thought at first she had just left to go to the bathroom. I looked at the orders to make sure there was nothing that needed done stat or had to do with medication orders and then just picked it all up put it in her cart and rolled it in front of her door. Can anyone give us suggestions on how to cope with her? We have tried to talk to her politley about how we feel, not accusingly but it seems as if she just doesn't listen. :angryfire
    Sometimes the unfortunate thing about complaining about a manager (or a co-worker for that matter) is if your complaints come across as "petty" they won't be taken seriously. With the exception of giving y'all her work to do, I would probably consider the reamaining issues rather petty. I bet that is what your DON is hearing as well. But don't get upset yet. The key to complaining effectiviely is to have solid, documented, objective and actionable issues. If you feel strongly about her abilities to do her job, you need to gather with your co-workers and begin (1) documenting specific occurrences (not feelings or generalizations) that have occurred . I have had employees come to me with "she nevers talks to anyone or she always gives bad report" . There is no way I can act on a generalization, I need specific dated examples. (2) Your sources should be varied not just 1 or 2 of you complaining, chances are if she is that bad, your nursing assistants are affected by it also (3) go through you chain of command first. That manager should have all your complaints in writing and have the opportunity to answer the issues, you should absolutely set up a meeting with the DON and the manager to discuss these issues. If you try to go above your DON's head with your complaints, they will look for whether you have tried to resolve this through the chaiin of command. Often times a meeting with all the parties and 1 or 2 (non-emotional) nursing staff can be effective in getting the issues out in the open.

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    However, some people have not been educated in leadership skills and still think that yelling, intimidating and demanding are acceptable leadership traits. Memo: they are not.

    Sounds like a manager I know.
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    as "petty" they won't be taken seriously. With the exception of giving y'all her work to do, I would probably consider the reamaining issues rather petty.

    I agree that we need an united front and that is what we are doing, but I as for being petty, she has tried to write me up 2 times the third time is a suspension and the fourth firing. I don't consider losing my job because of her management skills as petty. Our don told me today they are just waiting til she does a major screw up so they can fire her. We are keeping documentation but staff morale is very low and we are all short with each other and are so on edge when she is around that the residents notice. PS they don't like her either.

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