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Hello to all. I would like to know what are the obstacles,judgements,criticisms and other negatives ( and positives ) that young nurses go through at work compared to older ones... Read More

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    i am a relatively young nurse, in my early twenties. i currently only have 1+ yr experience compared to the many senior nurses i work with that have 25+ years of experience. i also look quite young (being 4'11" doesn't exactly help), so sometimes it seems like almost every shift i work i get a comment about my age from someone.

    i definitely feel that i need to work hard to prove myself, sometimes to patients and sometimes to other nurses. patients will often ask how old i am or how long i have worked there and some of them seem to need reassurance that i am capable. fortunately, i almost always win them over by the time my shift ends. i find that other nurses are sometimes not so easy to win over. this is not to say that all of the nurses i work with underestimate me. in fact, i find the majority of them to be supportive and have confidence in my abilities, however, there's always the odd person that doesn't.

    honestly, i find that since i make such an effort to be professional and mannerly, people usually come to see that i am, in fact, quite competent. but i've come to realize that some people just have the notion that "young people" in general have nothing to contribute or nothing worthwhile to say...because they are "young".

    and i can't speak for what [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]obstacles, judgements, criticisms and other negatives that older nurses face because i'm not at that point yet. i'm sure when i do get there, i'll find that there's a whole other plethora of issues and criticisms i'll have to endure.

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    the majority of nurses where i work are in their early to mid 20s. we have a few old timers like myself, but the majority are young nurses with less than three years of experience. i've come to realize that many of those nurses have the notion that "older people" in general have nothing to contribute or worthwhile to say -- because they're "as old as my mother."

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