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Not all of course, but many physicians, nurses, and other health care workers have mean and arrogant personalities. Why do you think this is? Is it that.... 1. You have to be very competitive to get into medical or... Read More

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    In certain professions, it may be easier to develop an arrogant attitude as opposed to others. Of course, some people have been mean and arrogant since the day they were born.

    However, I even thought the other day that during a single shift, I had probably twenty requests from patients trying to get me to give them or allow them something that they had been explained to earlier was not allowed. In order not to make a mistake like letting a patient with a DVT on bedrest not get out of bed, someone that is NPO eat, etc. I have to be constantly second guessing patient requests. As doctors and nurses, we are constantly pushed and tricked by our patients, that sometimes even the nicest person can become mean and arrogant. However, I don't let this affect me for long, I am not going to let my job harden my heart.
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    I know EXACTLY where mikethern is coming from. People who have never worked in the O.R. don't have an idea what nurses put up with behind those doors. It cannot be compared to ANY other area of nursing, as far as abuse is concerned. Many times, profanity is tolerated due to accepted "O.R. culture". It's ridiculous. After a while, you learn to either yell back and defend yourself or staff and surgeons continue to ride your back. You're not alone, Mike. Buh...lieeve me, I understand!
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    Mike, I have to agree with you on the military. While there are many flaws, I remember allot of us sticking up for each other simply for the sake of helping fellow brothers out.

    This is not unique to the world in general.

    I stand by my human comments. Not all of us are bad. However, there are more rotten excuses of humanity than I care to think about...
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    Quote from mikethern

    I am nice to nice people and rude to rude people. I am never mean to nice people.
    You sound just like me Mike. Actually, probably more assertive than me, as I always give people the benefit of the doubt at first (having a bad day, etc.), but if they act like a jerk again, look out!

    I hear ya though, it does get old. Sometimes you just wanna tell those people, "Man, I really hate to see you coming."
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    This hasn't been my experience. The vast majority of people I work with are nice.
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    Maybe if you change specialties?

    I had to change a couple of times because I cannot stand to work with mean people and I refuse to bring myself down to their level. I don't know whether I'm basically a nice person or a mean person, but I do know that feeling mean to others makes my head hurt and takes an emotional toll on me.

    Therefore, rather than grow old before my time, I changed units.

    Oh, and when I get yelled at over the phone, my phone suddenly develops trouble and goes to auto-hangup mode, oh dear!

    Really, I've worked hard to eliminate unnecessary stress from my life and by golly I'm not gonna let some rude, arrogant killjoy ruin my day ever again.

    The unit that I work right now is very supportive and really, from the docs to the lab folks, we all get along like family.

    Yes, Mike, there are great places to work out there. I submit that you are in a toxic unit when you start feeling like you feel about your fellow workers.

    Hope it gets better soon for you.
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    See... THIS is why I will never work in the OR. Never, never, never.

    I mean DANG, Med/Surge is stressful enough, but one of the things that has always stressed me out more than anything is rude, mean doctors. In Med/Surge, while we still have to deal with nastiness sometimes, it's in small spurts, not for large portions of the day!

    I've been lucky in my new job, in that regard. Most of the doctors, even the ones who have "reputations".. have been pretty decent to me.
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    That's the thing. In the O.R., you LIVE with them all day everyday. They don't just come through, make rounds and leave.
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    yeah I'd say lack of good manners in all walks of life are getting worse. It takes work to think maybe they are having a bad day,or am I?
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    Quote from mikethern
    Not all of course, but many physicians, nurses, and other health care workers have mean and arrogant personalities.

    Why do you think this is?

    Is it that....

    1. You have to be very competitive to get into medical or nursing school. Competitive people are often cut-throat.

    2. The stress of the job causes workers to be cranky and mean.

    3. Unhappy people act arrogant to feel better about their lives.

    4. Workers learn to be mean from other coworkers. It's a conformity thing.

    5. Most people in the world these days lack manners.

    Any opinions?
    Hm....My personal opinion is that it is because the insurance companies *in general* want "yes people".

    Much of the trend in healthcare is driven by insurance. Insurance companies want doctors that say yes to them and are willing to follow their rules. They do not want doctors that argue Pill A is better for the patient than Pill B, they want doctors that say "OK, I will use Pill B".

    This results in a lot of "technicians" getting trained, not the most personable people.

    I personally know a lot of former doctors that retired early (my own father being one) or left the field entirely because of this.

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