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As I write this, I have to pause periodically to cough my brains out. In fact, I'm about the sickest I've ever been in my life. I was diagnosed with pneumonia a few days ago, and wouldn't it figure, this Dx landed on my scheduled... Read More

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    I'm sorry you're sick and hope you're better today.
    I also hope your supervisor is not as cold and callous as it sounds.
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    I wouldn't doubt that the cold response you got was an effect of that person having "been there, done that" and just getting past it. Or, that person just has little people skills, or maybe was busy. Whatever the reason, I'd try not to take it too personally. I'm glad you're taking the time to care for yourself, though, since that's one of the best ways to make sure you aren't burned out (not to mention getting other nurses or patients sick!). Let it roll off your back and focus on your own health.
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    staffing is already at a bare minimum. one call off can send it over the edge. i dont get annoyed that some one called off , i get angry that i now have 1-2 extra patients and the hospital still doesnt hire sufficient floats
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    Quote from mindlor
    Corporations will exact everything they can from you. Then, once they kill you, they will dance on your grave and then find someone to replace you then repeat the process.

    They do not care about you. You are a human resource.
    I agree! This is a sad and a bad reality
    mid2348, I hope you'll get better soon!
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    When I was in management, people with sickness, where told to feel better and then sent out the door. If I found out on the phone that they were sick, they were issued direct orders to stay home from work and stay home, especially, flu, fever, and especially, pneumonia. I also required a physician's note or letter for them to come back to work and if they did not have one, they were not permitted to work. I was lucky because I had the RN right around the corner, for people who thought about lying about their sickness. People who worked, made everyone else sick, then I had to replace them, more work for me or I would get sick. Making sick people work, that is an a$$ine policy, if I have ever heard one.
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    Its a shame but we all are experiencing that hope you're feeling better
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    I too have been told to come in to work or be written up. When you need your job, you go in, even if running a 102 temp. I didn't work there too much longer because I quit.

    My current facility will send people home or encourage them to stay home. We still get people coming in though and it's maddening. We are all dropping like flies, thanks to those that won't call in. Myself and the secretary are one of the few that haven't succumbed to the vomiting, bronchitis, strep and whatever else is going around.
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    The occurrences of flu/virus/illness are cyclical and everyone from the CDC to the press is aware of this. Nurses get sick too. However, hospitals choose not to gear up for these inevitable bouts/occurrences, and try to bully or shame sick employees to show up. It just spreads disease around in the exact environment it should not be.

    It's just sickening (pun intended). (But the word "pun" makes it sound funny. It's not funny. It's wrong.)

    Hospitals need to have reserves of float nurses, agency nurses, and travel nurses to cover during these times. I once staffed a regional hospital and we always could call the agency, or count on float personnel, to cover.
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    Thank you, I'm feeling much better. I think it will be a while before I'm back to normal, but it's a huge improvement from the other night. As for the supervisor, I don't think she's a very happy person in general. In fact, she has never even said hello. She's one of several hospital supervisors, and the others are much more personable. They at least know my name lol!
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    Thank you! I admit her words and tone of voice did make me feel bad, hence my initial post. But I know I had no choice in calling out. Thanks for the smiley!
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