What's Rude? - page 12

We all have our pet peeves, something that we are SURE is rude whether it bothers others or not. So I'm wondering -- what bothers you? Things that bother me: In a nurse's station with four or... Read More

  1. by   caffeinatednurse
    Coworkers who use the bathroom right next to the nursing station to go number 2.

    Coworkers who refuse to wear deodorant and smell like straight up BO. Or even worse, they douse themselves in perfume or cologne to cover up the BO.

    When I have the narc drawer open, I'm going through my 3 checks and someone interrupts me for something that really could have waited until I passed the narc.

    When the CNA knows that a certain resident has to get their insulin before eating, but they go ahead and take them to dinner without checking with me first.

    When a staff member takes one of my residents to activity, promises that they'll come back to their room before dinner, but then takes them straight to dinner after the activity.

    When I discover new orders that were written on the previous shift, after they've already left. (Once or twice is fine, but when it becomes a pattern, it really bugs me.)

    When I open the med cart and it's a total mess...seriously, how hard is it to put PRNs at the back (so they're easily visible and can be pulled quickly) and to put meds back under the right resident name??
  2. by   Delia37
    Mine is when people steal other's food from the refrigerator.
    At my work place the situation is really out of control!!