What to do when a doctor won't let you read back an order - page 3

New nurse here. Had to call a doctor the other night after I followed hypoglycemia protocol and the patient wasn't responding to the treatment. He gave me his order and I began to read it back. He... Read More

  1. by   artsmom
    There was recently another post on here about a nurse in trouble because a PA wouldn't sign a T.O., she says he gave the order, he denied. Doctor's need to follow procedures- like it or not. I have gone head to head with doctor's before, and they have reported me, but I have also reported them. Rules are rules, and when it comes down to it, you are following procedure, and they are not. It will not hold up in front of the board "I didn't want to cause trouble". Always protect yourself.
  2. by   MPKH
    I usually say something to the effect of "So you want me to give Mr. Smith two T3s stat and then he can have it q4h prn after that?" or I repeat everything they say after them. "So that's....two T3s stat....and q4h prn...."

    It's YOUR licence on the line. Document properly, and this includes getting the read back from verbal/telephone orders!
  3. by   wooh
    I repeat everything back fast enough that it's quicker for them to listen than to hang up on me. Unless you're getting a page full of orders, it shouldn't be a problem unless you're dragging things out longer than necessary.
    Quote from Bella'sMyBaby
    I know a Nurse who had recently went in front of the Nursing Board because a Dr. refused to sign an order he claimed he "did not give"....
    Yeah, but claiming you read it back and verified it isn't going to give you any more credibility in a he said/she said.
  4. by   PunkBenRN
    Depends on how certain/confident you are in the order. If you felt insulted, by all means call him right back and repeat it back.

    Whether you call him back or not, you should most definitely follow up with Nurse Manager, Medical Director, Pharmacist, or Safety Committee - this is a safety issue and is there for a reason. I gaurantee you there is someone in your organization that cares enough to follow up with that MD.