What I Would Love To Send to My Hospital's Inpatient DON - page 4

This is what needs to be instituted to keep your nurses and patients happy: Mandated nurse to patient ratios The suggested ratios are: 1:5 Acute care, 1:4-5 Observation 1:4-5 Surgical acute,... Read More

  1. by   NursePelican
    You all must work in larger hospitals. I work in a small hospital that, because they are trying to save pennies,will call one of the 3 nurses off low census when there is only 5/6 patients. During the week days this is one thing. But nights and weekends when there is no other nurses to pull from desks, it gets very stressful . What if there is a code? I should also explain that one of the nurses is stationed in the er and at times has no ems with them. I understand wanting to save money , but at what cost? I get sick of hearing they can't staff for the what ifs. I do not think patients and their families would appreciate knowing this was going on.
  2. by   adventure780
    If you do homecare you get one patient but may have to "nurse" family members, plus be expected to help around their house/apartment. on an actual floor you get 15-20 if you are on a subacute, 6-10 on an acute floor, 20-30 on long term care plus be a jack of all trades housekeeper, maintence, complaint receiving, security, doorman or doorwoman, receptionist and etc, along with doing the actual duties of a nurse that include writing orders, carrying out orders, documenting, medication adminstration, treatment rendering, also sometimes be an aide
  3. by   icuRNmaggie
    and Larry the cable guy.