What to do when a doctor won't let you read back an order - page 2

New nurse here. Had to call a doctor the other night after I followed hypoglycemia protocol and the patient wasn't responding to the treatment. He gave me his order and I began to read it back. He interrupted me saying, "Yeah,... Read More

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    I tend to repeat back each thing as they say it while I'm writing, so it comes out kind of slowly but they can't go faster than I can write that way.

    2 mg.....q4h......prn....n/v.....okay next?
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    Welcome to nursing.
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    I have actually interrupted a Dr. in the middle of his "yeah, yeah" with "I am not finished" Actually shut him up and he listened. For once. He's always real good at speed talking his order and hanging up.
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    One of our docs is notorious for hanging up. Your primary role is that of patient advocate. I don't worry about backlash from Doctors. I call back if I need to clarify, and document these incidents.
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    hmm i always say, "let me read that back to you..... !" dr listens and says, "yes, yeah, right" but i can see some of them going yeah yeah yeah yeah. hmm
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    If I didn't "get" the order the first time, I would call back to clarify. Otherwise, I would write the order and carry it out....especially for hypoglycemia and a patient who was not responding to protocol. I'd probably want to hurry things along, too.
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    If I recall correctly," CYA 101" was covered through each semester of Nursing School. As you go along you will know better what to do in these situations.
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    Right. We are individually responsible for our practise. No Doctor is going to protect a nurse if anything is left in question, or goes to court. If you need clarification from a Doctor, ask. Don't worry about the attitude.
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    I would call them back. "Dr. ____ our phone call must have been disconnected. Give Mr.____ Ativan 2mg PO Q4 PRN, first dose NOW for anxiety, is that correct?" As he is doing his "yeah yeah yeah" dismissal, he is technically giving you consent 3 times.
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    Do not let the conversation end without it being confirmed. Whether you interrupt his "yeah, yeah" or call him/her back after he/she hangs up, you need the have it confirmed. I'd also let your NM know if the doctor gives you any problems.

    I tend to do it JBudd's way myself. That way any miscommunication is caught and corrected immediately.
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