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You know what I'm freaking sick of? Mixed-unit and mixed-discipline hostilities. Or at least that's what I call it. I'm talking about the constant complaints about everyone else in the hospital. Now granted, I've only... Read More

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    Quote from nursej22
    I agree that we shouldn't take out our frustrations on co-workers. But I feel like its always up to nursing to pitch in when other departments are short but never vice versa. When housekeeping is short we strip rooms, when nursing is short I don't see housekeepers emptying linens and trash. No transporters? It's up to nursing to get patients to X-ray, but they can never assist someone to the restroom. My patient is respiratory distress and 3 bed alarms ringing but RT won't call the MD for orders for blood gases and BiPap.
    Depends. At my hospital, some ER nurses are just slackers. They send pts to X-ray fully clothed but want chest and t-spines. So we have to get them changed and prepped. Pt has a cut finger and order a stat trauma. Really? or the notorious calling housekeeping cuz pt mistakenly voided on the floor and nurse puts a sheet over it so they "have to clean it" and not her

    We do help each other out for the most part though. If a pt needs to go to CT from X-ray, we take them. Pt needs to void, we help them and not leave it up to the nurse. But I think a lack of communication and staff (which we all are) is the major problem. We used to get our own pts but then the nurses were so unorganized (for lack of better word) that it had us making several trips to attempt to get pts while others waited. Became easier for nurses to take them to and we take them back. Darn, my techs have even cleaned pts

    Yes Nurses do a bit of everything but that's what we do

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