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I am writing this post because I am concerned by the number of new nurses/students who appear to feel threatened/offended by some of the points of view more experienced nurses hold in regard to certain attitudes they experience... Read More

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    When you're growing self esteem does it need to be watered frequently? How often should you cut it? Mine never seems to develop a good root system. Any suggestions?

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    Quote from Stephalump
    Clearly, some people will continue to lose sleep until they feel their lessers have been put in their place.

    To every single person beating this horse: Who gives a flying crap if someone on an internet forum uses the word "good" or "great" to describe themselves? Why would anyone take that personally unless they were speaking in comparison to you? Because it sounds a little too much like an underling claiming YOUR crown?

    Grow some real self esteem. Then maybe you can stop trying to find it through divisiveness and class systems. Then maybe you can let others be.

    It is not my intention to put anyone in their place; nor do I consider anyone my lesser. If you don't wish to read this thread, please don't.
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    Quote from fakebee
    When you're growing self esteem does it need to be watered frequently? How often should you cut it? Mine never seems to develop a good root system. Any suggestions?
    Oh, I have no idea. I don't actually have any self esteem either. I just use promiscuity, religion, and hypocrisy to feel better about myself, like a normal human being.
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    Ouch, that hurts.
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    Quote from fakebee
    Ouch, that hurts.
    Feel free to make use of the list above
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    susie2310- well said. I couldn't agree more.

    I think you nailed it, the intolerable "attitudes" of self promotion with little to no experience under their belts and the blatant disrespect they display to their older more experienced Nursing co-workers. I am not saying all but I have been reading the threads on AN and I have witnessed first hand- it is a good majority. The tone is narcissistic, self absorbed and full of themselves. Any opinnion that is posted that is not gussingly praising, wonderfully complementary and filled with the compliments of the ages like we have all had a paultry measerly retched existance until they came along and delivered us from evil, is met barbs of sarcasm, fascious remarks, total put downs and blatant disrespect: a total abandonment of the body of knowledge they self proclaim to be "expert" and great at( hense a menopause comment on another thread and a spewing of vitroil that thereafter sparked) that if the same tone was shown to their own parents, who insidently are our age, they would lash out and punch in the nose, then toddle their cocky attitude selves off in a huff to report it to the nearest authority figure or open their nasty acid mouth and inialliate the perpetrator who then, in reality, become the victim.

    There is very little self reflection -a phrase and activity I am sure they have heard and were expected to do in their nursing programs in their Senior year capstone course or their portfolio course. There is very little self examination, very little self critiquing. it is only by self examination that one proceeds to growth in the direction of that expertise-, something they so desperately want which they will never attain because the attitude get in the way.

    There seems to be no humility but a constant striving for group affirmation, the perpetual patting on the back- like as I posted: the clapping given to a 3 yr old for hitting the potty and not messing their pants followed by a group serenade of the Sesame Street song "I Am Proud of You"

    I think it can be summed up in a few words- lack of maturity, which I blame on their parents for not correcting them when they did wrong for fear of "hurting their little self esteem" Thank you Dr Spock. Part of the blame lies with the technology available through out the "wonder years"- that instant gratification and inability to wait something out. The media's perpetuating this pressure to be No 1 at all costs, Their educational system that didn't teach them how to deal with a failing grade or mistake up on raising their hand with the wrong answer or a beginner level of anything-I supposed they popped out of the womb with the wisdom of the ages propably due to the educators own intimidation for fear of a even nastyier parent and a threat of a lawsuit. NB: Spoiling a child is not only giving a kid all the worldly possessions their little hearts desire. Spoiling a child is lack of discipline, lack of correcting the disrespect and a poor upbringing- That is a little pearl was taught to my nursing class by our Pediatrics instructor. The blame is furthered by the Nusing programs telling them how older nurses know nothing and these soon to be graduates are going on to deliver the profession from the incompetent, inept stupid old as dirt senile experienced nurses.

    Maybe the answer is to segregate with an imaginary no speak zone/ line- the newer nurses on one side and the older experience nurses on the other.
    All I ask of the newer nurses is this - take what ever your few short years of experience- be it 18 month, 2 years 1 year 1 month then look at that older experienced nurse with the 20,25, 30 or even 40 years of experience and honestly compare the 2 levels of experience, then seriously ask yourself; Does my short time in this profession give me the same amount of knowledge as that more experienced nurse? Then remember there is ALWAYS going to be some one with more experience than you, some one smarter than you, someone better looking, some one slimmer- it's called LIFE, Reality and maturity.
    As far as the boasting of being the greatest thing that happened to nursing- the sign of maturity would be- do we really sound that bad?Would you want to be around someone who is always blowing their own horn? or would you have a chronic state of nausea also?
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    I have been a nurse for three years now and I STILL value the guidance of a more senior nurse. I am OB certified, but I will still go to my senior nurses (as in experience, not "old") when I get a funny EFM strip I am stuck on; I greatly value their experience. New grads should value it even more; they think they might know a lot because they got good grades; or passed the NCLEX with only 75 questions, but for the first year, 99% of them don't know Jack!
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    Quote from esc_newnurse
    I think the OP wrote a great post.

    I am a new graduate. I agree there are many other student and new graduates who think very highly of themselves, and this is not only annoying but also disconcerting. I really have no problem with the experienced nurses on this forum saying that they have a problem with these specific new graduates attitudes. I only have a problem with the generalization that ALL new grads think this, or act this way.
    I am going to be starting my first job as a nurse in a few weeks and I am scared that I will be judged merely because I am a new grad, and others have put a sour taste in the mouths of the experienced nurses.

    Please don't let the few ruin it for the rest of us!
    You have every right to be upset with generalizations. I think most people, if they are sensible, will use the qualifiers "some" and "sometimes."
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    Welp, I wrote a very thoughtful response on a similar thread that is now MIA, so I guess I won't chime in this time. :spin:
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    Hearts Wide Open and esc_newnurse- Thank you for being the kind of "person" you seem to be in your posting above. With your open mind and heart, the learning will take place and I have no doubt you will both be "Excellent" nurses because you have allowed yourself to be open to that learning and what ever experience can teach you. JMHO: For what ever it's worth.
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