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I suppose I want to vent, or maybe make a statement. I am generally a laid back person, at work and at home. I realize that everyone has their own personality, however I wanted to bring this up and... Read More

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    I totally agree with the "overly friendly". I tend to shut down when I hear all kind of intimate info from someone I just met. It's none of anyone's business about my personel life, such as marriage, problems, etc.... I do enjoy hearing about family and friends. Experiences they have had.
    To be honest, since we are getting ready to leave here, almost everyone wants to know why we arent' staying. LOL, my reply is that "we", Gary and I" can't deal with the cold. Which is true. Hey we are from South Georgia and if it gets below 50, we freeze.
    Once again, thanks for everyone's insight. Makes me think about how the permanent staff feel.
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    You should carry a water gun and spray the people anytime they misbehave. It works with cats and birds.
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    Diana, nurses like all other people are friendly, unfriendly and professional friendly, loool. Now by our nature, humans, we try to search friendly environment. Is better for you to not expect a FRIENDLY one, but a professional friendly one for sure. You could not change no ones so you will frustate yourself making assumptions about nurses friendship. Just work my dear... real friends are outside of your work, even if this could be for you a hurting thruth. Have a nice professional friendly work day. Hugs!
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    way to go Bortaz!!!!!!!!! :roll
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