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I just basically want to vent. I work in a LTC facility as a wound care RN. There is one patient in his 60's with chronic wounds to his legs from PVD. He sits in his electric w/c in his room most of the day and that is where I do... Read More

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    Quote from pronurse45
    whoahh!Now, that's really a disgusting and awful experience!But I will never ever tolerate such behavior because it's already below the belt!

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    Quote from canoehead
    As you get older and more self assured those situations will get easier to handle. You won't feel as assaulted, it'll be "what a jerk!" and you move on. Any verbal innuendo and I usually say "I don't even want to hear about it," with some force. Exposure- they must cover up before you will enter the room.

    Report his behavior, not just for you, but for the less assertive person who needs your back up when she reports it. As a group you are stronger. It'll make others feel better to know they are not the only one. That's proof that his tiresome behavior is not their fault.
    I think you are right. The older I get, the less it bothers me but I still don't put up with it. I even laugh sometimes because it's ridiculous. Not a nervous, uncomfortable laugh. An "are you for real" laugh. And then I go into my "respect me" speech.
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