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My boss says she has received several complaints about me. Nobody has ever come to me with "concerns with my performance". I will be completely honest in this post since I don't know anyone here. Some of the complaints include: ... Read More

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    Quote from SDALPN
    Once a few bad things are said about you in a facility, word spreads, and your rep is damaged. People believe rumors...
    Quote for Truth. Coworker and I play into several rumors. And we go out of our way to start some of them. Works better to start the 'back burn' than to try to contain an out of control wild fire. And we've found by knowing about them and joking about them, it tends to shut up to gossip queens. Not as much fun to whisper about someone when you openly talk about the secret they're trying to pass about you.

    Strategic Bluffs!
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    I think you are in a very difficult situation at work, I do not think it is a healthy environment for you to work in.

    My advice to you would be to go to the meeting on Monday, listen to what the manager has to say. When I say listen I mean really listen do not respond on impulse.
    If she gives you a performance improvement plan, sign it and work on achieving the objectives by the timeline given.

    In the meantime, look for a new less stressful place to work and leave gracefully.

    No matter what we say on here and how supportive we can be, only you can change your working environment and move on.

    It will work out for you one way or another and sometimes it is better to cut your losses. You can make this a positive by focusing on what you have learn't and are going to learn.
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    Quote from leslie :-D
    actually, there are times you can resign and get unemployment...
    if you can convince unemployment that you quit under duress.
    whether one quits or is terminated, always apply for unemployment if circumstances at the workplace were such, that to stay there would have been detrimental to your health.
    they listen to both sides of the story...that's their job.

    Yeah but it's rare.....
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    OP, I am glad that your manager called and cleared you for work, but be prepared for them to look for a new avenue of attack. I agree with the other poster above that you should put some feelers out for new employment.

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