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The short version of what a patient satisfaction survey is can be described as a way for a facility to track how we are doing with the "customer service" aspect of our jobs. One of the key points of customer service is that it... Read More

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    Quote from wooh
    There's a difference between acting "appropriately" and the blatant butt-kissing that's more and more being expected.

    The sad fact of the matter is that patients and their families are being allowed to act more and more obnoxious, and instead of dealing them like any other customer service-based business would do, which is tell them to take their business elsewhere, we're expected to give them what they want, no matter HOW RIDICULOUS it may be.

    If we're going to act like a customer service business, we need to actually act like those businesses. We're told the Disney way of doing things, but Disney World would kick out anyone that treated their employees like nursing staff is regularly treated.

    Right on. It's called entitlement. It's amazing how we can bend over backwards for patients and still get reported for even minor slights. I've tried desperately for 19 years to really love this profession; and the biggest thing standing in the way of that is patients and families who cause trouble; and management who are quick to reprimand nurses. How difficult would it be to not complain about or to not fire a nurse once in awhile? They themselves, yes the patient's and their families, and management are many times very compassionless. I have been a patient and have had family members be patients. I have been a patient who was slighted by a nurse, technician, phlebotomist before. So has my family. Maybe they(professionals) were busy or thoughtless. Big deal-I asked for a blanket twice and didn't get it. I was also treated poorly in behavioral health once. Did I cry to management? No way. Why? Because I would never want a nurse to feel like a child trying to defend his/her actions before management, only to be fired. Patients and their families, and nurse management--your lack of compassion has nurses wishing for another career. We are just like patients, families, and nurse managers. We have feelings and we need a job.
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