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After a couple of months of volunteer time in the ER, I declined a near 6-figure promotion (another field) to reenter the classroom. I spent my weekends there instead of getting plastered at bars or clubs. Corporate America’s... Read More

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    Shrug it off! If it doesn't effect your grade and you spoke to your teacher then just move on! I work with a nurse or two that would hang anyone out to dry to cover their butt. Are all nurses like this?? Heck no! I've been in a couple emergency situations where a cna calls stat and we all run to the room, we all care for the resident, and we all do the paper work! Nursing school and nursing is hard, it sucks your part was cut short but when clinicals and harder subjects come around this will be small potatoes. Don't sweat the small stuff! Good luck!
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    trust me worse things will happen as you go on in nursing school so for the sake of your sanity shrug this off. Nursing programs have a reputation of being some of the most competitive schools for a reason you know.
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    Quote from netglow
    Actually we probably couldn't be farther from what the public thinks we are. Except maybe for Nursel56, she's just truly all rainbows and sunshine.
    I'm trying. I suspect those who know me well spit their beverages all over their screens when they read that one, though.
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    Quote from MomRN0913
    I'm confused. Because some classmates decided to cut your presentation shorter, you came to the conclusions most nurses don't give a ****? ... So, did you go into nursing for wanting to help patients? Because you love science? Or you just thought all nurses are smiley happy people to work with?
    no... i wish i could edit my initial post. a bit of all (3) i wanted to help people, ultimately. all water under the bridge now. some of these post actually bug me more than what happened in class. i thought twice about mixing my emotions with the internet. haha~! not yours... no offense to you. i am still trying to figure out what i posted to receive all this negative in some of these replies:

    Quote from caroladybelle
    Many of us choose nursing as what we wish to do, based on beliefs and experiences. What you chose to leave behind, is your business and has no bearing on this situation. Many of us left behind good and bad life situations .....that has no bearing on how we will/should be treated in nursing. And to dwell on why we believe our personal sacrifice means more, serves to just annoy others and push them away.
    i understand where this was coming from... nobody knows this information but you folks on here. just an FYi.

    Quote from caroladybelle
    I suspect that if your part of the presentation is anything like your post, that your group members had good reason to cut you short. ?
    how does a person correlate what i posted into "good reason" for cutting me short... without stating the reasons? do i owe you money? or take your seat on the bus, once.

    beeker: "Your post screams of righteous indignation and "holier than thou"

    if people feel this way about my situation... it is not my fault. it was not meant to come off that way. i should have left that part out.

    somebody in another post... basically, called me stupid... ("i believe true intellect lies within those who realize their own ignorance...") human nature is... if "I" do not understand, THE OTHER PERSON must not know what they are talking about.

    Asystole RN: i like this post the best and waiting for a reply from my previous post.
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    startingoveragain I considered giving a heads up when you said you didn't expect to get many replies because it's a touchy subject. Touchy subjects tend to get the most replies. I'm looking forward to asystole's reply, too.
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    OK, so you think business can be cutthroat? Listen, live, and learn. Nursing is mostly run and worked by women of whom a significant number of them is extremely insecure. You are making a mistake to believe that just b/c someone goes into nursing (or medicine) that person is doing it for altruistic reasons--or at least mostly so. Nah. Yes, there are those that do think somewhat like that--altruistically. But there are a number of nurses that are insecure, trippin, trying to climb ladders and stepping on others--or trying to polarize people against other individuals out of jealousy or whatever.

    What you describe is less than a pebble in the pond compared to when you actually work in the field. Buck up, but just decide to be better and rise above it all.
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    I think you are being too sensitive. Also these group projects are more about learning to play well together because teamwork is needed to survive in nursing! It sounds like you are falling for some idealistic view of nurses as all sweetness and light, ala Florence Nightingale. If this group project has you already second guessing nursing then the real world of nursing will probably be too much for you. It can be an incredibly stressful job all on its own and then you throw in the corporate lean and mean management cost-cutting and I dare say you will find your prior job a pleasant cakewalk in comparison! Before I became a nurse I worked many jobs from waitressing to secretarial, some were better than others, but nursing is the hardest job I've ever done. There are days I dread going in, wish I could win the lottery or retire lol than deal with the assignment waiting for me!

    I'm sorry to disappoint you but Corporate America is still alive and well in healthcare and nursing! You can't escape it! And it's worse in nursing because we have such stressful job and have to make life and death decisions in our patient care, when the corporate climate makes it almost impossible to do your job in a pleasant and unrushed way! You are browbeat by the computers that play big brother and if unfortunate the micromanagement of your meds, were they late or early, did you punch in a minute late or leave a minute early, did you clock too much overtime. You are put in an impossible situation where you are supposed to be all warm, lovey dovey people pleasing customer service waitress etc while doing everything as quick as possible, get out on time, put yourself last miss breaks and lunch so the Press Ganey customer service scores are up.

    In this unrealistic pressure cooker environment if you expect all the nurses to be pleasant and friendly and helpful, it just won't happen. We all deal with stress differently and some are better at it than others. I've seen coworkers with "split" personality, crying, angry and freaking out at work and friendly happy and calm when away from work. I struggle to stay calm myself and don't always succeed and try to keep to myself otherwise I'll be short, snappy and sarcastic.

    I think you are being offended too easily over a group project that in the scheme of things doesn't really matter! I don't know if you could handle nursing if you get offended so easily, but then again, I really wonder how any of us handle this job! Sadly, with the cost cutting in full swing and no reason to expect things to improve I expect things will only get worse!

    I've had assignments where I just wanted to walk out the door and not come back! But the reality of the mortgage, bills and health insurance that keeps me from quitting flat out. I envy people who can just quit a job if they don't like it and not have a care in the world, but I'm not rich and not expecting an inheritance or lottery win so off to work I go, hoping and praying it will be ok!

    Fretting over nursing school and a group project is the least of your worries, once you become a nurse and get a job your worries are just beginning!!!
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    Getting so upset over a group project is not worth it, at one time I considered going back for a BSN to my alma matar, they had convenient once a week classes but when I saw the group project requirements to get together and coordinate with a bunch of others I said forget it! I don't need the headache of trying to coordinate schedules between other nurses working different shifts, etc, etc, plus frankly I'm not into all the group project BS! If I ever go back to school it would have to be cheap and online and no clinicals, I have no desire to revisit clinicals and prove myself all over again and I had a wonderful clinical teacher that was kind. I've heard so many horror stories of students getting stuck with nasty teachers and clinical instructors, I remember my teachers fondly. School was so easy, a million times easier than actually working as a nurse is!

    Nursing school or any education is just a stepping stone to getting a decent job. Make the best of it, learn all you can and don't take yourself too seriously. If you think school is hard just wait until the reality of nursing hits you and you'll look fondly back on school and wish you could go back!
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    It sounds to me as if, OP, you are a bit defensive. There may be some things in your former life in the corporate world that you could bring to the table for nursing. If you were offered a position with a 6 figure salary, I can only assume that you are good at what you did in the corporate world. With that being said, why you are sweating your classmates and/or team members somehow "outshining" you is a tad unclear. You have a voice, use it--each person could have the same amount of time and everyone shorten their part of the presentation. If you are someone who has been through the college process before and you are with students who are at their first time at the rodeo, they are going to attempt to do their best. They are fresh out of school, where AP classes and such reign, that they have to pass a state test to graduate, getting in to college of choice is competative, they are in debt student loan wise, and if not have parents up their butt to succeed. If you are in class with adults, perhaps they have other medical experience they are bringing to the table. No one knows their stories, including me. However, to talk yourself up to the extent that you did in your pp, one could assume that you are somehow above the other people in your class, or your self esteem needs a good overhaul.Understood. But to go even further that if classmates are acting in a way that is in your opinion inappropriate, it is reflective of the nursing culture as a whole.Which is a huge generalization. Bottom line is that your statements are passive agressive in nature, and all of us can get that way at one time or another. Recognize it, negotiate for yourself in group projects, do your personal best, and know at the end of the day your nursing practice is reflective of how you choose to conduct yourself, not if you got 5 minutes cut off from your presentation by those nasty kids.
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    Quote from startingovragain
    After a couple of months of volunteer time in the ER, I declined a near 6-figure promotion (another field) to reenter the classroom. I spent my weekends there instead of getting plastered at bars or clubs. Corporate America’s unethical work culture burnt me out. I picked up 3000 miles ago, acquired a couple of loans, and here I am. A Nursing Student in my first semester.

    I had the worse experience in class. We had a group presentation due and my group members voted to cut MY presentation short (an hour before the presentation), in fear of breaching the time limit (for the sake of their OWN grade). My minutes basically went to seconds of senseless broken English.

    déjà vu Corporate America? I spoke to my professor afterwards and was told not to sweat it.

    During orientation, the presenters/faculty emphasized a “comradery” only nurses encompass that no other profession/professional possess.

    I understand we are students, but people never (hardly) change. I have dealt with this state of mind before; in and out of the hospital. 1 made me take a wheelchair from an elderly lady. Maybe I am comparing apples to oranges… But I find it hard to believe one can hang a classmate out to dry (under my circumstances) and expect to provide quality care. At the moment, I feel I am mistake in my belief that nurses have a genuine interest in people and their well being.


    Their “reason” to shorten my segment was “you have no idea what you are presenting.”

    I am in a cohort of 4.0 students that “know everything” so I am the idiot. I find it ironic (a bit funny, actually), they delegate (the most difficult topics) actual medicine/medical practice to me, even though I come off as a person who does the minimum to pass.

    I have a 90%, at the moment.

    Yes well.......corporate America is alive and well in healthcare. Healthcare is about 20% of the GNP and BILLIONS of dollars are spent and healthcare. Drug companies, insurance companies, for profit corporate buyouts, conglomerate facilities run by corporate America, and CEO/CFO exorbitant salaries. Nursing schools churning out quantity and not necessarily quality to an over saturated market to supplement a non-existent nursing shortage. Is all about corporate greed. Hospitals that can no longer milk medicare and insurance companies, maintain profit margins by the same tactics that govern corporate America....that is why CEO/CFO's are mostly, exclusively non medical.....and that is why they cut from their largest, non revenue generating expense......nurses at the bedside.

    While nurses talk about forced overtime and short staffing.......the hospitals say that there are no nurses to hire......which is a bold faced lie....they just are filling the vacant positions to maintain their profit margin.

    It's all about the money.

    I think this project is more about the members in the groups failure for teamwork....which is necessary in nursing....and not necessarily about the content of the project itself. It's about learning how to play nice in the sandbox........which is an issue in healthcare. It's about the treatment of nurses by physicians, it's about the treatment of nurses by other nurses, it's about the LATERAL VIOLENCE that is present in nursing...but I don't think nurses are the biggest offenders of this kind of behavior.

    I am sorry that your partners in a group project were disrespectful and mean spirited....but I don't think that it makes a statement about nurses in general. Are there doctors that are bullies? Yes. Are there mean girls in nursing? Yes. Are there spiteful, ambitious nurses male and female that would sell their mother to advance in their career? Yes. It's no different than the grind in any other profession. It's about being the most popular, with the biggest car and the best toys.

    I think you knew this would get a passionate response by nurses by your Title alone inferring that nurses don't care. For a majority of us care...and we care A LOT. That is what always get a rise out of nurses....we may moan, groan, complain, and vent. But have someone else criticize the profession and we come out fighting.

    It has to be difficult to be at the top of one field that offers six figures.....and find yourself at the bottom of the food chain in the role of a fulfill your dream.

    I guess in every profession you will find undesirables and people with the personality of door knobs that have sharp nails and teeth. The skill lies in avoiding these people and succeed around them.....don't participate in their games and navigate to calmer waters.

    I don't think the bad attitudes of a couple of nursing students are reflective of the profession as a whole........ that there are nurses "who ACTUALLY care"

    We can all agree to disagree without begin disagreeable. We can debate a subject but not personally attack each other. Let's lead by example.
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