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After a couple of months of volunteer time in the ER, I declined a near 6-figure promotion (another field) to reenter the classroom. I spent my weekends there instead of getting plastered at bars or clubs. Corporate America’s... Read More

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    nursel56 since i am a student, my exposure is minimal. generalizing somewhat... i know, i know.

    MoopleRN yes i am venting. we were given a maximum time limit... they used all/most of it. what was trying to illustrate was... if you do not speak during a presentation, you did not present at all. i spoke, hardly.

    caroladybelle my point was to correlate "hanging me out to dry" vs "quality patient care" ... from my example of "taking a wheelchair from a patient, because my nurse did not want to go to the lobby to get another, out of laziness"... it was from a moral/ethics standpoint... i guess i could ignore those chapters in my book. sorry, if it was unclear to you.

    there was no practice, except half and hour before. i know it sounds retarded, but it is what it is. given my content, i was in for a long night. i spent an entire day preparing.

    when i bombed my 1st test... i took it upon myself to study harder. what did my classmates do? they blamed the professor... some students from another semester actual went to the dean and my professor was asked to take time off for a bit. first semester back.

    if i would have known this was going to happen, i would have presented myself. it is easier to change oneself than others. Gandhi said (i think) "be the change you want to see in the world."

    RNperdiem starting to figure it out.

    Happy2beICU-RN i am speaking about personalities in general... people do not(or hardly) change. we will see what happens this time around in school. i do hope i can meet a couple of decent people.

    beeker professor said, "i gave everybody 100%". yeah... i was just venting.
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    I understand how you feel. You realized your calling and made that sacrifice to follow you passion for caring. Honestly, nursing school can be brutal and it does not reflect the professional at all. Even though you are dealing with overachievers, they will have the difficult time adjusting upon graduation. Most of the "book smart" nurses are the ones miserable because they strive perfection when they need just need critical thinking with care. My advice....don't let them corrupt you. It gets better after graduation and YES we care just as much as you do. Good luck!
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    I would have kept the six figure promotion.
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    i guess i was under the misconception (whe i wrote this) 1 needs to actually "care" about the patients to provide "quality" care.
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    As in any profession, camaraderie requires everyone in the team to work for the betterment of the team. Are you upset that your presentation was cut because you wanted to be an individual and make a statement or because cutting you would harm the overall teams objective, which is to be successful in school?

    Sounds like you might have problems with working in a team...

    BTW, 90% is not a satisfactory grade. In my school that is a B and anything less than an A is unacceptable. Just FYI.
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    In what way does "caring about the patients" relate to you not getting a longer time to speak in a classroom?
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    So your classmates are "bad" and "uncaring" because their main concern re: the presentation was their grade? What on earth would you have them do? Take a lower mark on the project to be "nice" to you? They didn't get their 4.0's by being stupid.... Don't you want a high grade, too??
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    Quote from Asystole RN
    BTW, 90% is not a satisfactory grade. In my school that is a B and anything less than an A is unacceptable. Just FYI.
    What are you saying? A student with a 90% grade would be dropped from the program or something? That's pretty harsh.
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    Asystole RN wow... what school is this? RN, BSN, MSN? link to the program? and what is the scale like here? i will be honest, i would probably not succeed here.

    and to answer your question... like i have stated before: my time was cut short because "during a presentation, if you do not speak, you did not present." sorry if that was unclear to you. there was a time limit... everybody else wanted to be an individual. in my opinion, my portion was short. apparently, it had to be shortened a bit more. i did not even get to speak for a an entire minute considering the information i needed to present.

    beeker i tried to use an analogy here. what they did to me and what they may do to their patient. hence, the incident with me "having to take a wheelchair"

    BrandonLPN : i had a 4.0 before entering the program... what makes you assume what i was going to present be detrimental to our grade?
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    from what i am reading, some people find it hard to believe another person would do this for the reason(s) i am posting. "heck with him... all about me." inconsiderate, selfish, etc... people do not exist in your world? this makes me assume the people bashing me in this thread must have been spoiled children / catered to all their lives... but i know better than to think that.

    maybe i need to turn a new leaf and be the other person. it is a "dog eat dog" world. on the other hand, i know there is tiny bit of clarity in what i am writing because a few posters know what i am speaking of.
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