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Unfortunately, many of our coworkers and colleagues are self-made victims who have the 'woe is me' outlook on life. According to Phin (2012), there can be no doubt that today's workplace is overrun with a victim mentality. This... Read More

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    The minute one is willing to see oneself as a victim, that is the minute they have surrendered their own power completely.

    This does not mean a person has not suffered circumstances in which nobody would question that they have been victimized. It has more to do with how the person goes forward from there. I would not see someone who has left a position due to unscrupulous management practices as a victim, but rather as taking charge of their own destiny.

    I would see someone who feels the need to do this with five jobs in two years as someone who is in need of serious self evaluation.
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    An update from original post:

    Two other nurses left the former unit from which I resigned. I know one transferred out after working the required six months. I'm not sure about the other nurse. Both had been with the hospital system less than a year. I have no hope that for those left behind, anything will change.

    One of my friends is continuing to try and transfer out, but roadblocks abound. Our HR department is pathetic, to say the very least. I tried to speak with the AVP over this area. She refused to speak with me.

    I am happily unemployed. I stay home with my youngest (she has some special needs) daughter. She is so loving having me home. The fact I didn't work a holiday was magical for her.

    I miss nursing some days.

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