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Sometimes nursing drains the living daylights out of me. However, I love what I do. It is never a dull moment. However, lately I've had some pretty awkward moments and thought I'd share. Feel free to... Read More

  1. by   dodoy
    that awkward moment when you're so used to knocking on doors on patient's room, you tend to knock even when going out. (leaves the room with the patient and relatives puzzled)
  2. by   Preciouslilywhite
    Quote from tigerlogic
    When your confused elserly patient thinks you're a prostitute and wheels himself around asking other residents to borrow money. And them a week later apologizes so sincerely that he's just going to have to end our affair because he's committed to fixing his 30yr marriage. He looked so sad but I agreed breaking it off was probably for the best. !!
    Love this! Reminds me of when I was 8 months pregnant and I heard one of my patients tell another that I used to be one of his best girls but had to fire me since I'd gotten knocked up. True story...
  3. by   Preciouslilywhite
    Quote from dodoy
    that awkward moment when you're so used to knocking on doors on patient's room, you tend to knock even when going out. (leaves the room with the patient and relatives puzzled)
    And doing it at home or in public or really anytime you walk through a doorway
  4. by   SCTravelRN
    Or that awkward moment when during a foley insertion while your morbidly obese patient does her best to hold the "frog" position and your contaminated hand is cramping with the effort to hold everything else open, you realize her urethra is nowhere to be found.

    Or that awkward moment when your patient makes a pass at you and his wife is right there.
  5. by   PunkBenRN
    Quote from CindyAdriana26
    That awkward moment when you answer the phone by saying what you just charted, "Respirations even and unlabored!" "Uh...this is Dr. So-and-so, I was paged." D'oh!
    Haha, I am very happy to hear I am not the only one who has done this. I feel like an idiot when it happens.

    That awkward moment when you walk by a room and hear the MD giving discharge instructions to the wrong patient. (It was the patient next door, he got mixed up. haha. Well, not so much instructions, but talking about discharging. You know what I mean!)
  6. by   edimo
    Quote from limaRN
    That awkward moment when a family member comes in and I ask, "oh are you his daughter?" Thinking that it was because she had called earlier saying she was coming in and looked very young and she replies, "no I'm his wife..." Oops! Lesson learned. Always ask how they are related to the pt.

    Or that other awkward moment when the pts wife comes to visit and the pts girlfriend shows up to visit as well. They had no previous knowledge of each other...
    Yes...and yes!!! I learned my lesson the first time this happened since I was mortified lol. And you gotta love those day time talk show moments when the wife and girlfriend show up at the same time...."Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"

    That awkward moment when your patient tells you "I guess you're used to doing it in the dark" after you decline having a light turned on to change IV bags during night shift...he was a little sky that one lol
  7. by   ahamby
    I can totally relate, when I do my rounds first thing in the morning when coming on shift, I have several patients ask if I need a light on, and comment about me being good in the dark lol
  8. by   ahamby
    That awkward moment when you get so used to calling patients by room numbers for HIPAA, that you go to tell someone something about a patient and mid sentence you forget their actual name, "Mr. Ummm what's his name in room X needs something", most embarrassing when done in front of a patient.

    And I can also relate to the male patients who you know very well are completely capable of using a urinal or cleaning their genitals on their own and ask you to do it for them, or hold their penis and the urinal for them...very awkward silence, followed by a firm but polite decline. (If they have hands and they work, they can do it themselves.)
  9. by   ahamby
    Also the awkward moment when an elderly post surgical patient is coming down from anesthesia and pain meds poos in the floor, then tries to wipe it on you when you try to help her, tries to "run" away by going in another patients room and attempting to climb into bed with them, then telling you that you're pregnant with the "spawn of satan" (in fact I was not pregnant at all) and it takes 3 of us to wrangle her into a wheelchair, push her to a private room while she grabs the rails to stop you, and hold her down for a tranquilizer.

    That was my 2nd day at work, my supervisor told me if I survived that I could make it through anything lol.
  10. by   SaoirseRN
    Quote from Rhi007
    That awkward moment when diazepam and valium don't knock out the psych patient that's caused 3 code blacks!!
    That awkward moment when you realize diazepam and Valium are the same drug?

    (I tease. Not meaning to offend)
  11. by   eatmysoxRN
    That awkward moment when you walk in a room and the patient has their dilaudid pca unhooked from their VAD and going into a medicine cup. Makes for some great paperwork later.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
  12. by   kguill975
    That moment when the jail inmate asks for your number as you're wheeling him into the OR, and you laugh it off saying it's the drugs talking. The anesthesiologist looks at you seriously, and says, " I haven't given him anything yet." I didn't know how to respond.
  13. by   RNJill
    Quote from 08RNGrad
    the worst EVER was in nursing school where I had to "prep" a man for a cath...shaving the "area" when he was aroused, and I nicked his N*&s and to top it off, his wife was in the room!
    I'm not going to lie...had the best laugh I've had in days when I read this!