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Discrimination, sexism and bullying in the work place appear to be on the increase which concerns me a great deal. It comes under many guises and is not always easy to see. It is like a virus and it... Read More

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    Thank you for your kind words. I am hoping that something will be done about it because I am far from the only person they're doing this stuff to. Idk if I mentioned it but one of those people is friends with the DON outside of work. So I have no idea if anything will be done but at least I followed chain of command so I can go above the DON if needed.
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    Thank you so very much for posting! This needs to be repeated many times as often as possible. Gossip has no place in our profession. It does nothing more than degrade others. LOVE IS ALL WE NEED!
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    Thank you for this article. I am also very saddened with this kind of situation in the nursing profession.
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    Quote from Phoenix36
    As a new grad I really rely on the nuturing environment that we as nurses are supposed to create. I had that in school and with all the stress we have in nursing I hope I can expect good things from my co-workers. I was recently told that when a nurse 'stops asking questions' that's when she becomes a bad nurse.

    I can't ask questions of people who emanate tension. Please for the patients sake and for mine can we show a little nuturance for each other. I bruise easy, be nice. Sometimes people bruise just listening to others bashed. Makes me feel unsafe. Thanks to all the nurses who make me feel safe. Anxiety sucks. It kills braincells--I need mine.
    Yes, there is sure enough stress in many areas already. Nurses cannot do the best job for the patients, for the hospitals, or for themselves if there is animosity and no teamwork. People are going to disagree. That is just life. So what?

    Nurturance. . .it's a beautiful thing, and it should be given to all in nursing freely. Unfortunately not everyone sees it that way. It makes me very sad. I fail to see how running through the unit or bay or floor or wherever and dealing with multiple codes and screaming family members and unfamiliar staff, and the whole nine yards, isn't stressful enough for folks. Why add more to it? I mean are people trying to see how many people they can push toward early stroke, lol?
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    A rumor from gossips who started a story about me and a male friend who is completely devoted to his wife who is in a nursing home. The gossips said that I was having an affair with this man. So I went in front of the room where they were, and related the false story that got back to me purposly out loud and laughed about it, asking: "Can't you imagine, him with one leg and me being fat" and laughed some more. That was the end of the gossiping about me and my friend.
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    Gossip is the route of all evil, I firmly believe if you are in a break room and you hear co-workers talk in any way about another co-worker then you are as guilty as the person who is doing the gossiping.

    @Madwife, while I agree with all you have written, I have to disagree with what I quoted above. When I'm in the break-room, that precious time for me is when I eat my food, drink some water and look at pictures of my kid on my phone. There is only one break-room on my floor and we can't eat at the nurses' station (rightly so). If other folk choose to use their break time to gossip and that happens to be the exact time I'm eating, then too bad because I will not yield my break time to them. What I usually do when everyone is gossiping about some other co-workers and I'm in the same break room, I just sit and eat in silence and when they laugh and expect laughter from me (never mind that I was not contributing to their tales) and get silence and a blank stare, it tends to stop them cold. When people know that you are not going to join their yak fest, they don't enjoy it much. This little strategy, dare I say, has always worked for me.

    Like most people here, a lot of gossiping is going on on my unit and most of it isn't exactly harmless. Thank you, Madwife2002, for addressing that topic. The best thing we can do is to keep out of it, it usually takes one person at a time to make a difference.
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    I think the blank stare is appropriate, they don't get the response they need so they shut up!
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    Maybe all of us should pool our money and create a "Utopia Hospital" LOL. I'd love to work somewhere that all of the employees feel this way about supporting each other!
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    At the end of the day, all you can do inside yourself is to feel sorry for them that they have to act that way. I mean really. When I hear all that nonsense, I think to myself, "Wow. What's wrong in your life that you have to rip or pick or step on someone else? Really? That's the best you can do to have a life worth living?" Seriously. It's like, do your job well, and don't worry about everyone else. But children will be children. So, sadly they are showing you and everyone else what they really are. . . and that's sad.

    Too bad there can't be a "cone of silence" at the lunch table. I like people, but I do try to eat my lunch with my iPad when the company is all about being negative.
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    I strongly believe in "empathy". Treat others how you want to be treated. In such a stressful work environment (or school), i cannot for the life of me fathom why people want to start drama. Life would be so much easier if we could go to work happy, and have a welcoming environment, without drama. I really dont get why some people dont want that kind of easy going, respectful, team-oriented work place. Why make the day harder than it has to be????

    Not too mention, whenever ive encountered the gossipers, or dramatic people, it doesnt matter what they say about another person. I automatically know never to trust someone who so easily talks behind anothers back. Especially over trivial matters such as another co workers personal life. I will forever remember that they gossip, and will keep them at arms length away at all times. So in a way, its nice to know who NOT to trust. Even if i knew something about someone else, my morals keep me from spreading their personal business. How lame is someone who thrives on anothers personal matters?

    If it is something that will effect work, (patient care, negligence), then take it to the proper authorities, in confidence. Other than that, MYOB! Have some EMPATHY for others. How can they live with themselves?? GROW UP!

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