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Ugh, I need to vent!!! I've been a nurse for several years and I get tired and stressed out like everyone else. No, I'm not always thinking the nicest things, but I am ALWAYS kind to patients, no matter what! I always keep... Read More

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    I'm sorry but in my role as an RN I cannot be responsible for curing or treating a patient's "loneliness." If they are so lonely that they need companionship 24/7, family and friends need to provide that. I can make sure that their medical and physical needs are met. My patients never wait more than 5-10 minutes for pain meds and I am prompt in placing second/third calls to doctors in the middle of the night if pain is poorly managed. But no, I'm not going to not take a break that I need (even if that 15 minutes is spent playing on my phone) so that I can fluff Mrs. X's pillow again or run to answer her call light to be repositioned when she was repositioned 10 minutes ago during rounds.
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