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Ugh, I need to vent!!! I've been a nurse for several years and I get tired and stressed out like everyone else. No, I'm not always thinking the nicest things, but I am ALWAYS kind to patients, no... Read More

  1. by   lmccrn62
    This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I have been a nurse for 30 years and I treat every patient as though they are my loved one. I hold patients hands when they are scared and lonely. I sit at the bedside to just talk and listen. Many nurses today especially where I work are so detached that they don't even see their patient. They are breaks my heart to see patients treated poorly. They can never understand why patients end up yelling ......well maybe if you would just acknowledge them they wouldn't need to act that way. I also teach my students the human factor if nursing. You can teach skills you can't teach caring and compassion.
  2. by   blueheaven
    [QUOTE=wooh;7247612]Great, another "let's rant about every bad nurse we've ever met" thread where we all get to feel superior because we're so much more caring.

    How exactly does a nurse being on their cell phone make the pharmacy deliver the dilaudid any slower? Because everywhere that I've worked, it wasn't nursing that was the delay in a PCA refill, it was pharmacy. Of course the nurses always make a perfect target for any frustration with the delay.

    Exactly 15 minutes? Not 14? Or 16? Although I'm sure your perception of time was better than the man with "shaky" mental status, who couldn't remember to call for assistance but knew the exact amount of time he'd been sitting on the side of the bed. I'm sure in your time as an ICU nurse you've NEVER had someone perceive their wait for you to be longer than it actually was.[/QUOTE
    As far as pharmacy-we have the same issues and 99% of the time the issue is on the pharmacy side and we always get blamed.
    The man sitting on the side of the bed, short of breath, weak and in liver failure was my husband. It wasn't 15 minutes-he said it was almost an hour. I looked back on his monitor and saw how long he was disconnected and he was right. My point was someone somewhere (i.e. his nurse) should have checked instead of listening to his alarm going off. It's simply a safety issue. What if he coded? How long would it take for them to realize it? After he became a vegetable or dead? He had a clock in front of him on the wall, so I tend to believe that he was correct with that.
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    And NO I do not feel superior to anyone else. I'm too tired for all that pat myself on the back and "me wonderful me" crap. We all have our days and we all have families and patients and visitors who absolutely pluck our last nerve and our sympathy and empathy. I just try to do the best that I can on those days. Sometimes I fall short and fail but I pick up and keep going as I know many other hard working nurses do everyday. So no wooh and ocn.
  4. by   nervousnurse
    blueheaven...I cannot IMAGINE the anger I would feel if that had happened to my loved one. And let me CLARIFY----I would *NOT* be angry (or feeling superior) if I saw that the people taking care of my hubby were BUSY!!! The fact that they were standing around with their phones and it took them a long time to acknowledge you, AND you say the nurse gave you "attitude".....nope, not acceptable! (I hope your hubby is okay!)

    I'm so NOT superior to **anyone**--- It's coworkers who actually IGNORE patients because their facebook status update / playing "Candy Crush" is more important that infuriate me!!!
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  5. by   SoCalGalRN
    I'm sorry but in my role as an RN I cannot be responsible for curing or treating a patient's "loneliness." If they are so lonely that they need companionship 24/7, family and friends need to provide that. I can make sure that their medical and physical needs are met. My patients never wait more than 5-10 minutes for pain meds and I am prompt in placing second/third calls to doctors in the middle of the night if pain is poorly managed. But no, I'm not going to not take a break that I need (even if that 15 minutes is spent playing on my phone) so that I can fluff Mrs. X's pillow again or run to answer her call light to be repositioned when she was repositioned 10 minutes ago during rounds.