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6 pts......all strict contact iso. All have either trachs, vents, or both. All are incontinent B&B. All have a huge list of meds that must be crushed and given via PEG. We are talking total care... Read More

  1. by   amoLucia
    Quote from threebrats46
    brought tears to my eyes!! great post and def makes it all worth it!
    I kind of felt teary too. Sometimes the good posts take your breath away and bring all the good stuff back into focus. TY to OP.
  2. by   Esme12
    Quote from mindlor
    You are too kind I am afraid....I have so much to learn. I feel like an infant. I pray everyday that I do no harm to a patient. I was involved in a rapid response the other day and I was really really impressed by the nursing supervisor and how she handled everything. Just so fluid and calm. She was amazing. She has tons of experience. I am going to ask her to be my mentor I hope she says yes.
    places like this hire very skilled supervisors usually as they are the resource and critical response person of the facility....especially on the off shifts. I loved that job.

    Bless you..... for you are an infant in the nursing world. Those who recognize what they have to learn will be great mentors someday!!!!
  3. by   RNDesiroo
    I also would like safer staffing. I just want someone to do my VS, accuchecks, and help with getting ppl to the bathroom, HELP cleaning them up. I take responsibility for communicating with a tech to make sure I know what they have learned about my patients. It would free up time to make sure meds are passed ON time, for me to TEACH, and for me to provide emotional support. I do care so much! Which is why I hate the nights I'm so busy I feel as though all I have time to do is check things off a list of tasks.