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Long ago and in another state, I worked on a med-surg floor of a famous hospital. At that time, patients waited in the hospital for nursing home beds to become available, a wait that could sometimes last a year or more. We had... Read More

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    awww I loved this story... made me remember how much I loved my dementia pts. i laughed throughout the whole thing... until the end that is, my heart broke. I can only imagine how awful that day must have been

    btw great writing skills!! so descriptive!

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    I found my self laughing and felt as if I was right there. Yes, I have been there. Do I consider myself a bad nurse? NO! This happened years ago when what happened, was a daily occurrence. People did stay in the hospital for a long time- today they would have been shipped out or home in 3 days or less. I was one of those nurses, young, not much experience doing the best I could in the hospital with 24 patients on evenings. Things like this is what made the staff work harder to find a safe way to contain the pt. It also brought my coworkers closer together. It was one of those things that you would never forget. I'm sorry that some are offended. By the way, I just came from my moms' ngs home and pts were in geri chairs.
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    If Juan was the patient today, I suppose he would have a sitter? Or maybe he would be wandering off.
    I remember patients in the Geri-chairs. We had one lady who used to work at a laundry. The nurses used to give her towels to fold. When she had folded them, the nurse discretely unfolded them and gave them back. She would sit in her geri-chair at the nursing station folding away.
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    This story was a real hoot! Sadly, I am old enough to recall when use of a geri chair wasn't even considered a form of restraint!
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