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I hope not to offend anyone out there, but I would appreciate some feedback on taking care of young to middle-aged adults who are on medicaid. It seems that so many (I realize not all) are some of the most difficult patients to... Read More

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    Quote from MAISY, RN-ER
    This was an ugly thread in August, and it's tone certainly has not changed.

    Any country that doesn't take care of it's poor doesn't deserve to be a world leader. It is a moral obligation of the haves to help the have nots....especially with healthcare, medication and food.

    There is no excuse not to!

    Luck of the draw, is the difference between being a Kennedy or being born poor and hungry. Coming from means shouldn't be a source of pride. Working for a better life can possibly, give you a better life. HARD WORK DOES NOT MEAN BIG SUCCESS(case in point migrant workers-hard work/minimal pay).

    I don't appreciate the smugness of those who have "made it"...GOOD FOR YOU, now help someone else...give them the tools necessary to, food, a safe place to sleep, and whatever else!

    And, back to those of you who have made it, Thank God you have a brain that works. Brains are not equally endowed amongst the population. What makes perfect sense to some, wouldn't even occur to others. So don't glad of what you were able to accomplish and help others.
    Help others...see a recurring theme?
    I guess this is where we differ. I simply do not feel the need to give away anything I earned. I don't have to.
    And the hard work some of us did in college certainly isn't the same as the hard work a migrant worker does. Manual labor and college work are very different.
    Coming from a family that worked hard to get where we are, I *am* proud.
    All that said, I respect all your responses and enjoy reading them.:redpinkhe

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    Quote from pattycakeRN
    I guess this is where we differ. I simply do not feel the need to give away anything I earned. I don't have to.
    You are right you don't have to do anything....

    Last night as I left my father in law in the hospital, I heard young nurses arguing with their CNA's that they didn't go to school for 4 years to wipe butts! This wasn't the only time I heard this statement yesterday. I don't know how old you are, but if you are young....there is a lot of life to live. Don't be so set in your's amazing how life throws you curve balls when you least expect it. If you are older, shame on you. You should know this and much more.

    WE are all given different nice for you, yours included the brains to make it through nursing school. No matter how others try,(with the right attitudes)...they never will! They may never graduate from any program, but that doesn't make them less "hungry" to succeed. Sometimes it's just being at the right place, at the right time....or having interests and talents developed. Who will do that for children without means?

    There is talk of national service, while I don't agree it should be military...I would fully support my two college aged children giving time to worthwhile causes and aiding their fellow Americans in bettering their lives. I also think that our middle school aged kids should be giving of themselves from the time they are little. But I guess they'd have to learn that from unselfish parents.

    What amazes me most, is the people who decry national healthcare and socialization....are the ones who tout their Christianity or holiness. WWJD? Again, if they are reading their bibles they know the the poor.

    I am not religious, but I do believe in helping my fellow human beings. Sometimes these threads truly make me ill...this is definately one of them. I just can't understand people in this industry having these ideas. How can they ever be impartial when caring for those without?

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    I just can't understand people in this industry having these ideas. How can they ever be impartial when caring for those without?
    This is a very interesting question - one that I'm asking myself now and one I remember asking myself when this thread first popped up.

    Some of the opinions I've read throughout this thread seem made up of social darwinism ... and that seems to me to be a particularly unusual attitude for someone in a professional of caring to have.
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    Just a few things. I do believe in charity. I mention in my post that I give to needy programs. I just think I should be allowed to have the right to choose which charities.

    I think the deserving poor, aged, children and invalids should be taken care of. But not by the government. That's not their place and they don't do it well.

    As a Christan, I think the we, the people, should take over that responsibility on a local level. People should take care of their families and neighbors. People should be responsible and take care of their elderly relatives, help out their neighbors and fellow church members.

    By the way, in my family, this is how it is done. None of my grandparents, or great-grandparents died in a nursing home. I'll be dead before I allow my parents to go into one.

    I am a single mom (as I mentioned). My family helped me care for my son and shared out babysitting. I am a grandmother now of a beautiful 3 week old baby girl. I will be sitting with her when her mom returns to work.

    When my cancer was newly diagnosed. My sister quit a nursing job four states away and moved home to take care of me while I needed it.

    As far as having the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness but not the means, welfare programs are not the only way to fix this (or the best way in my opinion). I think that the minimum wage should be increased and that the government should rein in inflation. If our taxes were lower, then we could afford to support ourselves instead of relying on the government.

    I think that anyone who's willing to work should make enough to be able to support themselves, their family, provide for their medical care and their retirement.

    I am a compassionate person. I am a Christan. I love being a nurse. I like taking care of people. But the only person I took on to raise and support was my son. Anything else should be done out of my own heart. Not because it's mandated.

    Just my opinion. Which, like I said, I am entitled to. I have not criticized anyone else's opinions. Just stated mine.
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    We have an NHS here (Australia) and while it's not perfect I am very glad we have it. I can walk into any hospital in Aus and be treated with respect, dignity and not have to go home and face a huge bill. Reading this thread makes me very glad I live where I live.
    I was watching a movie/show thing last night about a fellow and his girlfriend who lived on minimum wage in the US for a month. Gave me pause to think when I saw them work so hard and only bring home 30 or 40 dollars a day. She got sick with a UTI and got a bill for about three hundred dollars then he hurt his wrist and got a bill for about four or five hundred dollars. Forty dollars for an ACE(?) bandage. Not the kind of life I would want to lead. Maybe people just get so depressed having to fight for every little thing they get that it puts them over the edge?
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    Quote from motorcycle mama
    I've never had WIC but I've learned just by standing behind them in line at the store (and having to wait 30 minutes so they could redo their items) that no, you don't get the giant boxes of cereal and the super large cartons of juices.

    Never knew about their attitudes, but they need to learn how to read the fine print.
    I have no intention of being rude here,
    but maybe they never HAD to be on Medicaid and find it confusing, coming from a "nl" life and now there are so many rules.
    Or maybe they are embarassed that a situation has changed their life so much, it's a wonder to them how they even entered a store or a hospital knowing there is a stigma about Medicaid and they are depressed about it and don't know how to play the game because something horrible has happened to put them there and to have no other choice except Medicaid as their last resort..

    I hear you Leslie.:redpinkhe
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    Quote from teeituptom
    Why because she stood up for rights, when the store manager unjustly told her that she couldnt use the coupons for her childs wishes. That is sad.
    Umm, Tom, the lady hit the manager with a glass juice bottle. You may call that 'standing up for her rights', I call it 'throwing a tantrum because she didn't get her way'.
    The manager doesn't MAKE the rules - he just had to enforce them for everyone who wants to change them to suit themselves.
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    Quote from awsmom8
    Here is my experience with medicaid pts.

    Yes, some of them can be rude and obnoxious--I agree. But remember that medicaid is a program for unemployed or low income people (or supposed to be, but that is another story). Some people who are unemployed or low income are that way because they have some sort of mental illness. Remember dumping all the mental health pts. out of institutions in the 70's? Well, now they and anyone else with a personality disorder, are all trying to cope with the rules of society. And do they get their mental illness treated and take their medications as they are supposed to? Are you kidding? These are the people who will never be employable and end up on medicaid. Do you think the person who is rude and obnoxious to you as a nurse is going to get a job in a bank and work with the public?
    Remember, the people who are the most difficult to get along with are usually mentally glad you are not.
    Sorry, but not all people on medicaid are mentally ill. How Many soldiers come back after risking their lives and end up with medicaid, or someone who has been misdiagnosed and due to complications cant' work......think outside of the box IMO
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    Its no one's business but billing's how a pt's care is being paid for. As nurses you shouldn't even be looking at their insurance info. Shame on you. :angryfire
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    Quote from beachbum3

    And, BTW, its no one's business but billing's how a pt's care is being paid for. As nurses you shouldn't even be looking at their insurance info. Shame on you. :angryfire
    As a nurse I need to know who has insurance or not in order to plan discharge. For example, do I need to set them up with a free Lovenox program, or should I call the doc and see if an ASA a day will do, do I need to find them a free walker somewhere, do they need help with their prescriptions, do they have insurance to go to rehab or do I need to get the family more involved because they are going to be taking care of the patient at home without home health or a short stay at rehab.

    Working for a not-for-profit has made me an advocate for equal care, and how I take care of you isn't based on your insurance information, but in the end it does matter whether or not you have benefits in our health care environment.
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