Nurse with potty mouth.

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    We have an excellent nurse but she curses like a sailor. Anyone else work with a foul-mouthed nurse?

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    Quote from Born2BWild
    We have an excellent nurse but she curses like a sailor. Anyone else work with a foul-mouthed nurse?
    Yes, I have - and when I said something to her about it, she gave me a dirty look and said "This is the way I **** talk, if you have a **** problem with it, go talk to the **** manager."

    I did.

    She's not there any longer - she quit.

    IMHO, it shows disrespect to your colleagues, your patients, and your patients' families. It's utterly unprofessional, and it has absolutely no place in healthcare. You want to talk like a dock worker, go work on the docks.

    Because if you talk like that on my unit - you are NOT an "excellent" nurse, IMO. You may have skills, but you have a lousy attitude - and attitude is what sets a professional nurse apart from a highly trained monkey.

    Just my
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    I'm sure she got a reality check after that and used a different choice of words if she found a new job
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    Wow. I love to curse like a sailor.

    But at work???
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    I get potty-mouth tourettes when I get angry or frustrated. Never in front of the patient,though. Pardon my language.
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    She does it when she gets stressed, it's kind of a tourrette's-like outburst. Her boss has a special affection for her and tells her to go in his office and calm down when she starts in. Then, he will go in and curse with her until she feels better. But the boss was gone and some family heard her tonight. Some patient's have potty mouths too and they love her because she can be so sweet then turn around and start in sht fire and son of a _____. They think it's funny.
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    A 'potty-mouth' co-worker makes for a "hostile workplace environment" and can be easily removed if the inappropriate language isn't tamed.

    At a non-nursing workplace, there was someone who spoke way too loudly and inappropriately. I spoke directly with him once, then when he persisted, w/his supervisor. I told his supe that if I heard that language again, I was filing with HR. Apparently someone else also was very annoyed. I never saw him again.
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    If it's really tourette's, then everyone should be made aware, and educated about what to expect. I suppose it falls under the ADA, but if patients complain then the hospital has to weigh what to do.
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    I have aides that curse in front of pts. For me that's a huge no no. My boss curses too.
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    Good gravy. Are you still harping about the nurse you've created other threads about, including trying to diagnose her "mental condition"?
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