Need advise about denied vacation.....

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    So, I need some un-biased advise from people who don't know me. :-)

    I have worked as a CNA/Secretary for 3 years on the same unit in a hospital. I am just coming off of medical leave---I had to have surgery.

    I requested a week off over the summer many months ago to attend my sisters wedding, which is out of state. (I moved away from my family)

    The time off was approved, but unfortunately, I have used all of my vacation time while I have been on FMLA, and my boss isn't letting me have the time off.

    I am not allowed to get it covered, only to switch, which isn't possible because I am limited to only working Secretary right now and no one is able. The kicker is I am only working 2 shifts that entire time because that's all they can give me with my restrictions right now. So I'm missing this entire wedding for 2 shifts.....

    I understand where she is coming from, as the rules are the rules and the policy does in fact state that approved time off can be revoked in the event you don't have PTO.

    I could take another vacation, purchase new tickets ( yes they are non-refundable) BUT I will never get another chance to see my Sister get married.

    I have spoken to HR and they told me she is indeed within her rights to do this, but they advised me I could speak with the head of HR to attempt to get special permission for this extenuating circumstance.....that there are always "grey areas" that can sometimes be worked out.

    What do you all think? Is she being unreasonable? Am I over-reacting?

    Should I escalate it to the head of HR which is going over her head, or just leave it alone and be thankful I still have a Job???

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    well, you COULD just call off the day before those two shifts.... expect to not get paid, and possible write up, but that is an option..... just sayin..........
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    Email the head of HR and ask for special permission due to the extenuating circumstances, attending your sisters wedding is reasonable request.
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    When I worked in the hospital, they had a rule that you wouldn't be granted vacation if you didn't have the PTO to cover it. In fact, I vaguely recall that they made some weird rule that you couldn't be granted vacation time for the summer when the schedule was done in March if you didn't have sufficient time when the schedule was being made. So, say you only have 20 hrs PTO in March and want to take 40 hrs PTO in August. You'd be denied on the grounds of insufficient PTO, despite the fact that you will have more than enough by August. This was a rule made up by my manager, we were non-union and HR always sided with management so we basically didn't have a leg to stand on. Several people challenged this and I don't remember what the outcome was.

    If it were me, I'd probably do what mds1 says. No way in h-e-double hockey sticks would I miss my sister's wedding (if I had a sister) for work.
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    It's better not to let people know if you have an important family event so if you don't have PTO or can't get off you can always call in sick or absent I suppose.

    Since hospitals are being run by corporate business people lots of rules, regulations and policies are being added to micromanage employees. This is very unfortunate and I think decreases overall morale.

    This has become a common practice to demand PTO to take time off already approved, even to have the PTO by the time the schedule is approved even though that may be months ahead.

    I suppose you could go to HR but then if they decided to deny you it would escalate matters if you decide to call off to attend the wedding. I would call off if it was me, but there may be consequences so you will have to be prepared for that. If your boss already knows about the wedding and still is refusing to let you off, I would try to find someone to work the days as a favor for you, even offer to pay them a little extra money if that would get them to agree.

    Can you use the FMLA to take the time off?

    I've heard it said it is better to apologize after than fact than have to ask for permission first. If you ask for permission and they refuse it only make it more difficult for you to call off! I think it is sad that your manager would try to keep you from attending a family wedding because of policy and overlook the human factor. Maybe it's a sign to look for a new job. Under the circumstances the manager seems cold and unreasonable if she knows the situation.
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    You should definitely appeal to HR & see what happens.

    However I wonder why you used all your vacation time. Didn't you have the option of taking it as unpaid leave?
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    Quote from MrChicagoRN
    You should definitely appeal to HR & see what happens.

    However I wonder why you used all your vacation time. Didn't you have the option of taking it as unpaid leave?
    unfortunately, No. I was made to take the 36 hours I did have accumulated to cover my health insurance.

    If I call in sick I am afraid they will fire me for it, and I can't use FMLA because it ran out.
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    Because they already know about your desire for that vac/wedding time, they would most likely play really hard ball to put the screws on if you were to try to call in. And they could be really nasty - like wanting you to have an MD note, or getting medical clearance with the medical director a day or two later (and then you'd have to do it twice). They can do truancy home phone calls (on a land line). Yeah, they can be real nasty, all the way to suspension and/or termination.

    Are you in the wedding party? Maybe that could have had some leverage?

    Since everybody knows your plans already, I don't see many options except to take your case to the head of HR and hope for the best.

    You may just have to miss the wedding. That is so sad, and I feel sorry for you early.
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    This is why I am glad that my hospital was willing to work around my unit clerk schedule where I took vacation in the middle of the week so I worked Monday and Tuesday and then Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I didn't pick up medic shifts those weeks, unless I work Sunday as a medic. I actually asked for this so I can get vacation time later on. Could you try to do something like this? Leave in the middle of the week and come back? I was lucky because it was my weekend to work. Actually, It may be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday that I work.
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    If you fight it, be prepared to lose your job.

    Nasty, ridiculous policy. Makes me wonder where all that "heart" that nurses have goes when this kind of thing happens.
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