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They are just killing me. Why is it that so many of them feel so entitled to sit in their aging parents rooms and just boss us nurses to HELL and back, while they sit there, fully able to do much of what we're doing for their... Read More

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    Hi SoundofMusic was gonna ask how you were going matey? R u @ the same hospital when you started this thread?
    I don't know re other hospitals, but here in Oz we don't tolerate abuse from ANYONE. We have big signs everywhere saying if we are threatened in anyway and bad language is used, that the police will be called. Can you try being firmer with them at all or are you not allowed to be like that where you are?
    If rellies are in the patient's room now, I ask them to help with feeding, getting drinks etc and they will do it. One woman told me they weren't helping an elderly relative out, cos they didn't want to interfere in what the nurses were doing. However your patient's rellies sound truly obnoxious! That's when I put on the 'I'm the nurse in charge, not you' attitude and it works. I find with people like u describe, you have to be firm almost to the point of rudeness and unrelenting when they start bossing you around. I've always said if you - as nurses I mean - don't control a shift, it will control you.
    And some people are so far in denial re their elderly relative, they don't want to admit that Dad/Mum/Grandam won't get better/won't walk again/won't be leaving the hospital and has to go into care. So they take it out on you - you are there, and you are a convenient target.
    Anyway, this stuff works for me. Hope you are coping OK and it's not all getting you down too much. Take charge and be strong!!

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    Oz has a better handle on it than the US; here they aren't patients they are clients or consumers. Surveys on your experience in hospital count for more than does the excellent level of care given. Families are always right, nurse is always wrong. Telling off family gets you hauled into the office and reamed out for "poor customer relations"
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    SICK OF IT!AHHHHH. and the poster who experienced someone commenting on her picture vs. her actual looks. omg i have had similar experiences. and heard a stupid (obviously) family member ask the pt if the nurses were, " at least cute here"........ not all of us....... but most of us are at least smart. and the family meembers who google everything and get very upset if i don't know all of the pt's lab values off the top of my head.............. ugh if it is highly relevent i might know it. inmost cases. i look and forget them. if they are that memorable, it is not a good thing.............................
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    LTAC/SNF I just left: 60 residents on the LTC side. 2 nurses 5-6 CNAs. 99% of residents are medicare/medicaid. A website shows that double room costs $7200/mo and private $7900/mo. I got drilled on "customer service" when I arrived as a NG. Doing my best CS left me late always. Then the mgmt threatened that we would be charged with theft if we worked past our clock-out time. (Insinuating, verbally and otherwise, that we had to work off the clock even if it was "policy" not to.) This is a FOR PROFIT institution.

    Compare with retirement community I just interviewed at:

    Private, not-for-profit retirement community. 70+acres. Bungalows for those who can take care of themselves. Apartments for ALF care. SNF - 42 (that's right 42) private rooms. Place was pure luxury! They expected the best for their uber-rich clientele. To meet that need: SNF has 1 Charge nurse, 2 'med' nurses and 10 CNAs for 42 residents! To beat the shows $5200/mo cost! The kicker....the pay is much better too!

    It shows the REAL customer focus when profit isn't the driving motive!
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    As if this was not enough, some supervisors demand that "Under no circumstances are you to "get into it," with these family-members.

    Some of them are just overgrown children testing their limits. They get smug when they can insult you.

    Some of them refuse to listen to reason.
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    LTC nurses... prepare yourselves...

    Mother's Day is imminent...

    You know what that means...


    Because you bought it last year, Dingus. Splurge on Mom and buy her a sweater every once in a while.

    Me. Go away.
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