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They are just killing me. Why is it that so many of them feel so entitled to sit in their aging parents rooms and just boss us nurses to HELL and back, while they sit there, fully able to do much of what we're doing for their... Read More

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    Ahhhhhhh!!! One of the perks of working in a correctional facility. I don't have to deal with demanding family members. All calls from family members are directed to the administrator.
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    Quote from getoverit
    Miraculously, without us ever taking care of her, she managed to survive her admission and went back home.
    Classic!! I love it!! :roll
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    I especially hate the weekends when family members are camped out in the rooms from 8 am until 8 pm. Families do not seem to understand that while it is important that patient have visitors and loved ones it is equally important that they have down time and rest. The worst thing hospitals have done is give up exact visiting hours and adhering to them.

    Many family members are wondedful and really help with their loved ones those are not the ones we complain about. It is those others who are helpless, needy and apparently don't have a life outside of the hospital.
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    Was the daughter yelling at you disabled? Let them run and fetch for themselves. If what Mom needs is within her ability to do, not a safety issue etc, tell her she is perfectly welcome to do it, or they can wait until you deal with your patient down the hall who is having a crisis. Don't let them start and it may be better, and she thinks you are a "witch" so be it. Who cares, you have your job to do and if Mom is breathing and is not in a crisis, just say, I have to take care of some other problems first I will be back, end of conversation, and walk out to your other patients. Sometimes family members are more demanding than the patient. Hang in there....
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    I don't mind getting someone OOB. But..making multiple trips for coffee, snacks, fluffing pillows, mailing letters, for patients and family mebers is ridiculous. The family members need to do some of these simple tasks themselves. However, think of the message institutions have sent patients. It's a hotel. The ob unit certainly looks like one. My daughter works on a tele unit with muted colours and flat screen tv's. So what do you expect at a hotel?... to be waited on for your every whim. Our PA Dutch culture in my area supports getting your "money's worth." Patients and families know how much a hospital stay costs and so they often ask for everything. Of course, many of their bills are being footed by the taxpayers. The hospital is a place for treatment and healing. It should be clean, pleasant, and efficient. It isn't a hotel where you can dis your caregivers if the coffee was cold. However, institutions decided to make the hospitals "hotel-like" and now we all have to suffer.
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    I have at times told family members that "That's not what I'm here for." for some of the ridiculous things that they ask. I had a family member ask for some soda, I said "For you or the patient"...They replied "for me"...I said "There's a vending machine in the waiting room", then went about my business. I'm not a maid or a waitress and I certainly am not going to start acting like one. That's not what I went to school for.

    Family member has a problem and they fly into a rage, fine, I will call security. Because I'm not going to stand there and take some family member's temper tantrum and neither are my co-workers.
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    Mailing letters? Is that even allowed? At the hospital I worked at (as a receptionist before nursing school) the only mailbox was outside... I wouldn't think a nurse would be allowed to mail letters for a patient?
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    I so wish I could of told the families of my HHA clients, who didnt work the days I was there, and they bossed and ****** me off, "Instead of complaining and ordering me around on your day off, why dont you take care of your mom/dad/aunt/etc?" Sometimes it was because they took care of them for years and got burnt out, but then they would complain while the agency was there! Other families just wanted to take my agency "for a ride"
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    I think the "genius" hospital admins who think it's cool to implement terminology such as "customer service" into the healthcare setting should have to play waiter/waitress on the units- which would allow us ALL time to do the job we are supposed to- NURSING.

    Sooo sick of "fetching"...

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    Totally understand where you are coming from!!! I worked 12 hour night shift once, and would have a assignment of 10-12 patients on my own, with maybe 1 tech for the whole floor, sometimes none! See I prioritize, hmmm, turning a patient with impaired skin integrity.... or fetching coffee for the family members every time the light comes on. Getting my patients ready for surgery (bowel preps, inserting large bore Iv's, etc) or heating up a can of soup for a visitor!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I want to say "HELLO- theres a vending machine on the first floor, feel free to use it!! Then, the moment you get to sit down and chart, you feel eyes, glaring at you, look up and it is that family member asking for a blanket, slippers, (something for themselves) and if you don't jump up to get it, what a horrible nurse you are! I have had visitors stalk me down the hallways and then you hear them say "I don't know what is going on, there are 3 nurses sitting at that desk!! What they don't realize is we could be charting, waiting for a Dr. to call us back, looking up action value labwork, but we are just "sitting at the desk" IF THEY ONLY KNEW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angryfire

    ***Our managers didn't do anything about it, we were to provide customer service to the family members, because our patients weren't patients they were our "customers" FREAKIN glorified waitress is what I felt like!
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