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Hi, I have been an LPN for 2 1/2 years and am a new Grad-RN since 9/2011. I got a job working at a Dermatology Office last November. It's the only job I could get, and I am making the best of... Read More

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    turn them in to the board of nursing. What other illegal acts might they do if no one says anything?
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    Quote from leeannjamRNtobe

    I have been an LPN for 2 1/2 years and am a new Grad-RN since 9/2011. I got a job working at a Dermatology Office last November. It's the only job I could get, and I am making the best of it. They have me training to work with all the providers...general pathodermatologists, cosmetic dermatologists and the Moh's Cancer surgeon. It was not my first choice, but I am very grateful for the opportunity and grateful to all who are helping train me.

    My question is this...while I have the GREATEST respect for the Medical Assistants who work there and really know their stuff, they refer to themselves as nurses to the patients in person and when making phone calls to patients. I have to say, as someone who worked SO hard for my RN, this really bothers me. I'll reiterate...I respect them, BUT they are not nurses. I wouldn't even think of referring to myself as a PA or MD. One of the MAs said it just makes it easier to refer to all of us as nurses.

    May I have your opinions on this matter? I don't want to rock the boat as a newbie. There are other RNs who work in the office. I haven't asked them if it bothers them. Would it bother you? Thanks!!!
    In my office where I work the MA's wear totally different colored scrubs from the LPN or RN's and our badges are clearly marked if we are MA's or RN's. Thanks
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    Thanks again to all of you. After reading all of your wonderful comments, I can see why I have felt confused as to what to do. I think the reason I have not said anything to anyone at work so far, even other RNs, if that I don't feel comfortable doing so. And I think you all hit a nerve when you said I am new and would be setting myself up for a bad time. It is illegal, but that does not seem to matter. Funny someone mentioned something about the name badges because ours do not have our title on them, only our first names. They have been doing this for over 20 plus years at this office. Thanks again for taking the time to comment! I respect all of your comments. I think I need to keep my mouth shut for now, but will refer to nurses as nurses and MAs as MAs with the patients as appropriate. Thanks!
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    not just to the patients, but to the secretaries who answer the phone, the docs, the other staff, and the mas. language matters. if anyone asks you about it (and they probably won't), you can say why, in a light tone of voice, and not belabor it.
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    This is exactly what I feel will happen if I say something.

    Quote from CrunchRN
    You are setting yourself up for disaster. I would wait for a while and get more established. It is endemic in MD offices and the docs do not care. They like just calling everyone my nurse. And when the MA's find out (and they will) you will need to watch your back.

    Once you have been there a while and established good relationships would be the time to take this on. Not when you are brand new.

    They should not be called nurses, but if you address this too soon I bet you will regret it.
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    Great compromise. And my advice was predicated on over a decade as an office RN working with MA's.
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    Looking this advice would be is to check with the PA Nursing Board and PA Nursing Association. Currently PA has NO title protection in the State OF PA although there is presently a bill on the floor of the PA senate. You could approach the practice manager (are they a nurse?) and have an open table discussion about the pending legislation. But for right now the actual title of who can call themselves a "nurse" is not protected by law in PA. If they are calling themselves a Registered Nurse they are in violation of the law. Tread lightly.
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    Didn't even read the comments....(will later...uhh) is a felony I think to represent oneself as a nurse without the LPN or RN (some other states have LPN as LVN I think). It seems the authorities or the ethics hotline should be contacted if no manager is adressing this.
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    Thank you all!! I sincerely appreciate your insight! Now off to work Have a great day, everyone.
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    PS why in the world does everyone have to watch their back when the law is apparent. But maybe in PA as previous poster stated it is not quite apparent. Geez. I hate the world we live in sometimes. But then.....they put that guy Jesus up on a cross for pointing out the obvious. Times don't change at they. Gosh.
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