Is this favoritism?

  1. Nurse "A" has been here for five years. She is a single mom who lives with her parents. She has "permission" from someone way back (we've had 3 managers in this time) to come in at 0700 instead of the usual 0645 like everyone else for reasons of child care issues.

    Nurse "B" is a newer employee (about 8 months) who is also a single mom. She frequently comes in late, also apparently due to child care issues. However, Nurse "B" has received verbal and written counseling about her tardies.

    My question: don't you think that the hospital and/or management is setting themselves up for a possible legal issue should Nurse "B" possibly be disciplined or suspended for tardiness? Should the new manager change the policy for Nurse "A" so that she is no longer allowed special privileges?

    All opinions appreciated!
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  3. by   jmgrn65
    The difference may be simple, did nurse b get permission? If not then she is just coming in late.
    As far as legal issues it just depends on laws of the state.
  4. by   caroladybelle
    Is it favoritism? yes.

    Is favoritism something that can be legislated out, or sued over? Chances are, depending on the state, no.

    Most states are "right to work" states, meaning that people can be fired, have their schedules/vacations changed and have little legal recourse, barring bias related to disability/equal opportunity laws. A manager does really not need a reason.

    Should employee A have to change her behavior? It is not fair to require others to be at work at 0645, while she can come in late. That means that it is not fair to ALL OF THE OTHER nurses, not merely the one that is being targetted. Barring every nurse that has to precede that nurse (and have their leaving on time delayed by her later arrival) having been peronally asked if this inconveniences them (and it often does, they are often to "nice" to gripe), it inconveniences someone. And even non-single mothers and non-mothers have issues that had to work around to get to work at 0645.

    If the manager wishes to permit this, why does she not change report times to the later time?
  5. by   JulieRN07
    I agree. Nurse B should go to her manager to and get permission to come in later as well. If the manager has a problem with this, she should bring up nurse A and her situation. I'm sure the manager is trying to keep from tons of people asking to be allowed to come in later-but if it does become a problem, she may take away any leway to come in late from anybody because that just isn't fair.
  6. by   pagandeva2000
    My heart tells me this is favoritism, but as others have mentioned, did Nurse B get permission? If not, then, she doesn't have much to stand on. I have also seen people do things the right way; ask permission, explain and are not accomodated.
  7. by   fultzymom
    I think like some others that nurse B should go to the manger like nurse A did and tell them why she is unable to be in there at 0645. Our facility went to 6a-6p in the last year and we were told if there were child care issues (since day cares here don't open until 6am) to let them know and they would work with anyone in this situation.
  8. by   MAISY, RN-ER
    Everytime a person takes a job they have an opportunity to negotiate everything from salary to hours. Since nurse A has had these hours, I will assume it is part of "her" work agreement. If nurse B required these same hours it was up to her during her "negotiation" to make it a part of her package.

    That being said, if nurse B requires those hours she needs to speak with management so she is not being penalized for lateness. I'm surprised she has waited this long. If management will not budge then she will need to do whatever is necessary to keep her job.

    Does it sound fair? Maybe not, but deals like these are frequent in business. When I took my first job in ER, I had no experience, but refused to work nights. (Patient's would be in danger if I worked nights, as would commuters come am). Did HR like it? NO! I turned down 3 job offers prior to the manager giving me a day position. There were many applicants, but management thought I was worth it. My fellow nurses who oriented with me, all went to nights. Was it fair to them? Yes. That's what they signed up for.

    I was a single parent during the time my children were young. It was tough. I truly understand the situation, but Nurse B will learn like I did. You need to fight for yourself and your family. Sitting back is only building a negative personnel file.