Irony regarding cellphone use at work - page 4

Our unit got another one of our periodic reminders to quit looking at our phones at work. So, my last shift I made a concerted effort to comply. Yes, I'm as guilty as the whippersnappers! What do... Read More

  1. by   Dafabb
    Well on this these Nurses must not be worrying about keeping their LC. as they would surely be loosing it. There can be also jail time! These people must be short a light bulb or 2.....
  2. by   Dafabb
    Well if you would actually have to use 50% of your phone for work in that manner you can take a portion of your phone bill off at tax time....

    I have worked places where those Nurses are glued to their phones....You end up answering their lights etc..etc....Having to tell them so and so is calling...It is very frustrating.....
  3. by   CCU BSN RN
    Things I have used my personal phone for at work this month:

    1. Lending a charger to patients
    2. Lending my phone to a patient. The ones in patient rooms only make local calls. If a patient is admitted and their next of kin is out of town, I let them use my cell phone to call their relatives to tell them they're in the hospital, and give their family member the number to the phone in their room so that the family member can call them on their room phone. It's also a PITA to use any of the hospital phones to make long distance calls, so it's just way easier to use mine sometimes. Now that talk/text are unlimited and included, there's no extra cost to me, and it's the most expedient way to do this.
    3. Patient gets admitted and doesn't remember a loved one's phone number, but does know their address and name. I can see if their # is listed in the white pages way more easily on my phone than the hospital computers, which block a lot of sites

    Like a lot of things, there are good and bad uses for your phone at work. Being an adult and a professional is about knowing the difference, and making good choices. I leave my phone at the nursing station instead of in my pocket because it's big and heavy and an annoyance, and I only use it for work-related things or on break. I have co-workers who watch netflix, listen to music, and make personal phone calls while at work. A small percentage of employees wreck a good thing for all of us.