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Hi, I'm just a newbie here but I have to comment on what I'm seeing here. Specifically nurses sharing their stories of their interactions with difficult patients. Surely it is unprofessional to be sharing patient details?... Read More

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    Many of us see the new faces that enter our world....fresh faced, ambitious....ready to cure the world and stamp out disease. They have amazing insight into the world of nursing and how they are going to save it....and the world. We have also seen that many of these fresh faced individuals who are running so fast to light the fire to cure all that ails the world.....have their flame extinguished too quickly because they are unprepared for the brutality of the everyday grind of nursing.

    As a nurse of 34 years....I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have seen this. Graduates today just aren't prepared for the reality of nursing and are far too judgmental of their fellow man...including the mentors there to help them succeed. Nurses, good nurses, are a special breed.

    I....LOVE being a nurse. For 34 years I have LOVED being a nurse....for all it's flaws, joys, disappointments and resounding failures. We as nurses commensurate with other nurses so we can go back for more tomorrow. Yes...allnurses is public and the public is welcome to read what we write.....nursing is not for the faint of heart and neither is this site.

    What we all need to remember....is that allnurses promotes the idea of lively debate.........

    This means you are free to disagree with anyone on any type of subject matter as long as your criticism is constructive and polite....we also ask that you please refrain from name-calling. This is divisive, rude, and derails the thread. Our first priority is to the members that have come here because of the flame-free atmosphere we provide. There is a zero-tolerance policy here against personal attacks. We will not tolerate anyone insulting other's opinion nor name calling.

    Our call is to be supportive, not divisive. Because of this, discrimination, racial vilification and offensive generalizations targeting people of other races, religions and/or nationalities will not be tolerated.

    This thread has been redirected twice.....continued redirect will close the thread and points will be assigned.
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    Quote from netglow
    Ah, Mrs. Harvick, where have you been? How is Kevin?
    Kevin is doing wonderfully. He is looking forward to Daytona!

    How is everyone here? I've missed you all.
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    Yes I know, as well as the rest of the world, that all of us nurses are superheroes and heroines. But sometimes we need to take off our capes, and stop dodging bullets, and just be human for a while.
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    Clearly this coulnd't be aimed at me perhaps? Queen of venting.

    Do you think i care? Nope. Do i care about me being unprofessional to people who are rude/mean to me? Nope. Nursing isn't the ONLY career where people vent. Any career, people come home and complain about something in their job.
    Lawyers will complain about their clients.
    Hairdressers will complain about their clients.
    Waitresses will complain about their customers.
    you get the point.

    So when these people complain about their clients/customers its ok, but when a NURSE does it...you make it seem like a felony. We are people just as much as the hairdresser, laywer and waitress that complains. They can complain and vent..so can we! It's the way of life. As long as it is not dealt with at work then there is no problem with it. I remain professional at work, and act professional but when i come home and inside my head that is not the case. my home is the only place i am allowed to be ME!!!!!!!!!!! Just because i am a nurse does not mean i should have "being me" taken away from me. I am me when im at home and i am nurse when i am at work. And "me" does not take crap from anyone, i say things like it is and i occasionally need to vent to make myself feel better.

    If you don't agree with the posts then don't read them. Mind your own business...none of your words will ever change who i am. I've been this way for 25 years now. It's who i am. Not you, not anyone will change that. I'd rather be fired and lose my license than pretend to be someone i'm not. and honestly, if i were fired or had my license stripped from me for something i said i'd shurg my shouldlers and say "It was probably meant to be." then i'd find something i ACTUALLY LIKE TO DO!
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    Good point Jenni.

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