If a phlebotomist corrected you on order of draw, what would you do?

  1. 2 I currently work as a phlebotomist before entering nursing school. Today, a nurse tried to correct me on my order of draw (she thought I should draw a blood culture last). When I corrected her and tried to explain how she was wrong, she berated me. I told her that I could fetch the lab manual, but she still would not listen.

    My question is, would you as a nurse interfere with a phlebotomist's blood draw? If you were wrong and were corrected by the phlebotomist, how would you react?
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    I don't know squat about that sort of thing, so I would never presume to tell the phlebotomist how to do his/her job. Were I the phlebotomist, I'd tell the nurse to step off and stick to his or her job and leave me to mine.
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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    I don't know squat about that sort of thing, so I would never presume to tell the phlebotomist how to do his/her job. Were I the phlebotomist, I'd tell the nurse to step off and stick to his or her job and leave me to mine.
    I was actually floored that this woman wanted to tell me how to do it. I offered to get the lab manual from the lab, and she didn't want it. If I come across anything like it ever again, I will tell the nurse that she can do my job AND put her full name on any erroneous work. I may not get paid much, but I do get paid to avoid collection and laboratory errors.
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    I remember paying attention to the order of the draw for about 2 weeks when I first started my job.
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    I do remember cultures go first though.
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    I'm with Blue Devil. The only blood I draw is through PICCs or ports. I've done one other regular draw in my life, so I would never tell a phleb how to do his or her job. Likewise, I would expect the same respect.
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    Who has time to argue with phlebotomists?
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    Just FYI - I'd still give Missy Know-It-All a copy of the lab policy just to show her. She needs to come down a peg or two.

    Another thing, might be to ask Infection Control ot explain the logic involved. I never thought about it (never had to do cultures) but I can reason out the whys of doing the cultures first.
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    I don't think I would question a phlebotomist. I have never noticed or thought about the order that labs were drawn in. I actually just looked it up because I was never taught that there is a certain order. Sure enough there is. For the few years that I have been a nurse I usually draw my cultures last just to get the small tubes out of the way. You learn something new everyday.
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    I, too, only draw from PICCs so you don't do cultures from them. I do try to prioritorize the tubes just in case of problems, but I'll need to check out the book for future reference.

    Thanks to OP for a thought provoking thread - always something new to learn as RNewbie coments.
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    We are required to do our own morning lab draws (regardless if the patient has a PICC) on my unit. I call down to the lab and phlebotomists all the time with questions because I know they are the experts in that field of medicine and I am grateful for their help. Teamwork people, teamwork.
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    I still would give her a copy of the lab manual order of draw.
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    I was a phlebo years before I was ever a nurse. When they correct me I ask why, then do it their way unless there is some overwhelming reason to do it otherwise. We help each other. A couple of years ago I was surprised to learn BNP's switched to hematology tubes, and every few years or so the chemistry tubes may change color so it's good to keep on top of that. Also, nowadays more folks have coag-only draws in the mornings, and some facilities want a waste prior to that, (in a stick or draw, whichever) whereas I am used to coags go with chems so there is no problem. There is always something changing... and you better believe they watch me if I am doing blood cultures. I don't mind because I hate false positives! Nothing like losing a good picc line because you did your culture wrong.
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