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I absolutley despise my job. I work as a nurse in a intermediate/telemetry type floor. We are in the process of moving to a new hospital, so we were a telemetry unit and we are splitting into telemetry/intermediate care. We will... Read More

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    Quote from enchantmentdis
    And my second husband can't find a job after not working for 15 years, so I am forced to continue full time in this ghastly profession. At least when I'm dead I won't be a nurse.
    I nearly choked when I read this. Be a comedy writer!
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    As a LPN for 13 years I cannot believe the impossible workload,stress,bullying,liars,jealousy,laziness,p oor communication and just mean nurses. Delegating and being delegated has become completely abusive and lead me to not count or trust others . Cut backs have resulted in unhappy patients, residents, families, healthcare professionals, and nurses to take stress leaves and anti depressants and other medications. I've been told" I care too much" ,now is that not a good quality in a nurse?? That's sad that it seems to make others resentful. Why is it doing what u r expected ,being kind, fun , and having family ,residents, patients, students and co-workers appreciating you and making u feel like a good nurse? Being a good nurse seems to make others angry . That is what I hate about nursing.
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    Quote from foggnm
    I am so thankful for allnurses and posts like this. I think these sentiments are really shared by the majority of inpatient nurses. I often suggest to younger nursing or pre-nursing students (with high GPAs) to go into an alternate profession, like pharmacy. I also think the original poster's comments are very specific to tele/step-down floors which are notoriously chaotic and stressful. And I say I'm thankful for these posts it is because reading allnurses over the past couple years, helped me realize my feelings about the profession were not unique, that it was stressful and undesirable. I work ICU currently, but am hoping to soon transition out of the hospital. There are people who do inpatient care as a lie-long career, but most of us know it is not a job to do when we get over 45 or 50. I have noticed that the people MOST satisfied with inpatient nursing are moms. Especially younger moms, because the schedule is so advantageous to family time. And in many places the pay is not commensurate with the difficulty of the job.
    I work ICU, and have for thirty years. I still love it. I'm almost 60, and I'm still at the bedside, still able to do the job and still happy to do it. Maybe I'm the rarity in the profession. I've found, though, that most people are just exactly as happy as they make up their minds they're going to be. I'm happy. It's a lot more fun than NOT being happy!
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    Nursing is a noble profession but a thankless job and it will only get worse with ObamaCare. Unsafe staffing is the norm and will only get worse. The college lobby got their way with ObamaCare. Now nurses will be saddled with student loan debt so they can take non- nursing courses to qualify for an advanced degree in order to keep their jobs. Nurses learn more on the job from their peers than theyll ever learn in a classroom. I say bring back the hospital schools - they turned out the best nurses. Take on student loan debt when I'm already struggling to support my family. No thanks! I'd rather leave the profession than become a debt slave.
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    I completely understand how you feel. I have been a nurse for 23 years. After the first two years I realized i was unhappy and I though to myself...oh I just need to change specialties... so off i went to the CCU. After 10 years of that I realized i was still unhappy so I tried homecare and then management. I have come to one conclusion. I absolutely hate being a nurse. It does not matter what i am doing. in administration I have to fire people...not fun. I have found that some nurses really get off on micromanaging and belittling others. This is a bad economy and we all need our jobs i found that I had no power to turn things around for employees once upper management had made up their minds. So I left management and am currently back in home care. BTW Whoever designed oasis should be shot! It is the most cumbersome way to document that I have ever seen. Obviously not designed by a nurse but we are sentenced to use it! I HATE homecare physicians. The beauty of homecare is that you get to work alone but these doctors are crazy! Specialists are notorious for giving orders through the paitients! not calling back timely! and if you actually give a damn about your patient and call them back you may end up reported to your boss or threatened because the for profits in homecare will do anything for a referral. i do mean anything. I got into nursing for patient care not this nightmare. I have friends in all areas from NP to floor nursing and it generally sucks everywhere. My friend that's an NP recommended I not move in that direction. when I asked why she said the docs she works with jump all over her if she makes a mistake and of course when they make mistakes its considered no big deal. I have my masters and did not like the education scene at all. whenever there was a dangerous student...i was told to pass them anyway because they can pass the boards. I argued that the student was not safe clinically. I was told that this would come later....REALLLY....REALLY....this was their senior semester so essentially we were dumping students that were not really clinically ready into the system. I believe that the number one contributing factor to this was the fact that there were a lot of older burned out instructors in this program. They simply could not keep up with the students. It was our fault that this was happening. That's not fair to the students at all....so for me it is official. I hate nursing. I am currently in the process of trying to figure out something else. More than anything I'm tire of being bullied by families, physicians and other nurses, not having a lunch break and having patients thrown at me after my official work hours. It's just not worth it anymore.
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    Yes I feel the same way. I know what your going through. The reason you feel this way is bc u despise bedside nursing...you need a change....There are other avenues to pursue in nursing. I would like to teach someday. Not every1 is cut out for bedside nursing..take the 1st opportunity you get and move out
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    I want out of nursing so bad I dread driving into work each and everyday! It is due to the changes in nursing and the micromanagement by individuals that are NOT nurses. How did this happen to our profession? Now I am too old to change professions. I just drive thinking I am one day closer to retirement. Then I will worry about the unsafe practices of ME being a patient in some **** poor healthcare facility.
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    I am so relieved that I am not the only one! I had so much compassion for being a nurse and now I despise it. I was never good at being a waitress with rude and unappreciative people though.. Will definitely be making a change in my career. I am very disappointed that it didn't work out.. :/
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    I have changed my focus. I have choosen to leave veterinary medicine for at least a year. The compassion fatigue and burnout is killing me. Plus my workplace has become more Toxic"

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    so those who are leaving- what are you going to do? how will you survive?
    I'd love to leave, but then i might , if i am lucky , qualify fora minimum wage job.
    If only I would have known.......

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