i HATE my job. Does anyone else feel the same? - page 16

I absolutley despise my job. I work as a nurse in a intermediate/telemetry type floor. We are in the process of moving to a new hospital, so we were a telemetry unit and we are splitting into... Read More

  1. by   RNPA93
    I feel the same way you do. I wish i knew this is what nursing was before I went to nursing school.
  2. by   Icooka4u
    ROTF! At some point many people across all careers feel like that. My suggestion would be to take a stroll in the “Specialties” area of allnurses.

    I never knew before exploring this website, that SO many different specialties of nursing existed.
    Next, if nothing there tickles your fancy, you could go into Medical Coding & Billing. You would be able to transfer many of your nursing knowledge to that area. After 2-3yrs
    exp, you could work from home. Great videos on Youtube about this.
    Lastly, what other things interest you? With a degree in nursing, you wouldn’t have to start from zero to complete another degree.
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