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People on here need to realize that when you complain on here (and for some that all those individuals do) it really dissuades us new grads from continuing into the profession. First and most obvious... Read More

  1. by   Esme12
    Quote from hershdawg
    Oh I was just wondering.

    Thanks for everyone else for their replies so far, but let me mention then again that I know its not unicorns and butterflies and baby bunnies and ****. The main point was that whether or not you enjoy your job and if it was as bad as everyone makes it or if everyone is just venting. Thanks for the replies.
    You have to love the job to keep doing it for you won't be getting a lot of positive reinforcement or thank you's. You do the job because you love it...not because it loves you. In the present job climate there is no incentive to be kind to the nurses for there are hundreds of applicants for every position.

    Being a nurse is a thankless job....nurses are the single highest expense to a facility and we do not bring any revenue to the facility.

    All of it is true in my favorite poem by Melodie Chenevert
    Being A Nurse Means…
    You will never be bored.
    You will always be frustrated.
    You will be surrounded by challenges,
    So much to do and so little time.
    You will carry immense responsibility And limited authority.
    You will step into people’s lives
    And you will make a difference
    Some will bless you,
    Some will curse you.
    You will see people at their worst
    And at their best.
    You will never cease to be amazed
    At people’s capacity for Love, courage, and endurance.
    You will experience resounding triumphs
    And devastating failures.
    You will cry a lot,
    You will laugh a lot,
    You will know what it is to be human,

    And what it is to be humane.

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    Quote from Orion81
    Wow, just wow. I only worked 2 months after graduating to realize that 90% of nursing sucks. I didn't need this website to tell me that. But time and time again I've come to this website and then walked away feeling so hopeless and depressed. The negativity on this website is overwhelming. I'm completely done with all of you. The majority of you are probably the same nurses working right next to me who help make my job a living hell. Consider me gone. In my nursing career, I'll just be the one keeping my head down and not listening and contributing to your gossip and griping at work. I'll grin and bear my extremely hard job, but not with you on this website who hate us new grads so much. I'll find an outlet elsewhere.

    :sigh: We don't hate new grads. As I had to explain to her sorrow to my 6-year-old granddaughter, there's a difference between hearing something that surprised you that you don't like and deciding that you have to pitch a fit over "hurt feelings" about it. I don't expect a 6-year-old to get that distinction immediately, though she is a smart little kid, but someone who's old enough to have graduated from a nursing program, yes, definitely, I do.
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    as equals and that we all need to help each other on the job. period.

    Well, one out of two ain't bad. Same RN label on name pin does not equal "equals." Period. And like periods, this discussion comes around regularly, gives a lot of folks a pain in the belly, and goes away when you're old enough.
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    I see the reason being a student is different is because as a nurse, you don't have an instructor or preceptor behind you all the time. You have to decide for yourself. You have to apply nursing knowledge. Sure, everyone asks questions. But overall, being able to make nursing decisions seems to be the hardest part and the biggest difference in my opinion.

    All nurses have been students. And new grads. However, students haven't been new grads or nurses, and therefore can't grasp the concept as well as practicing nurses. Reread the threads you shuddered at in a few years and see if you changed your mind.
    Can I buy a few extra "Likes," Vanna? Brava, eatmysox!!!!
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    Well, one out of two ain't bad. Same RN label on name pin does not equal "equals." Period. And like periods, this discussion comes around regularly, gives a lot of folks a pain in the belly, and goes away when you're old enough.

    I meant that just don't view us new grads as extremely stupid and useless and without some form of basic respect

    And I don't have that problem. Yay for being a male
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    Quote from GrnTea

    Well, one out of two ain't bad. Same RN label on name pin does not equal "equals." Period. And like periods, this discussion comes around regularly, gives a lot of folks a pain in the belly, and goes away when you're old enough.

    Cleaning the diet coke off my screen - Rolling with laughter. So true!
  7. by   LadyFree28
    Quote from Esme12
    ......That is the funniest thing I have EVER read!!!!!!!

    Oh I see......you get to tell the cancer patient that is dying...after hurling all day from the chemo....tell them to smile because tomorrow is another day. really????

    Unbelievable....no wonder these poor people going onto nursing think we are crazy when we ....uhm....talk about the realities.
    Exactly...who wrote THIS??? The producers at MTV??? :seriously:
  8. by   StudentOfHealing
    I'm a nursing student...

    I won't allow a couple of rude unhappy nurses to bring me down and give up. Yes... It'll be tough! I might cry coming back home from work when I become a new grad. At work though .... I will wear my nurse face... and suck it up. I will seek out those experienced nurses who want to help me... while keeping those rude nurses far far away... one day they'll need my help... with something ... and I'll gladly help. I dont want drama. I dont expect roses ... but I sure will appreciate the heck out of those who decide to help.

    trust me... I've seen the negativity on here...

    but I have a feeling NO job is perfect.

    I also believe those who complain are the loudest because they actually have something bad to say.

    its like when the government does something good for us.... no one notices ...

    I'm sure I'll have my days.... as a student I complain about this or that ... its HUMAN.

    In the end... whatever comes my way? ... yeah? throw it at me. My school has done a good job NOT showing us rainbows...
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    Quote from GrnTea

    Well, one out of two ain't bad. Same RN label on name pin does not equal "equals." Period. And like periods, this discussion comes around regularly, gives a lot of folks a pain in the belly, and goes away when you're old enough.
    Ahh...again, wonderful wisdom by the lovely GrnTea...What's not to like on AN???
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    And hershdawg, then you are two steps ahead of the game!
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    Quote from Ruas61
    It would be interesting to see a thread about what newer nurses believe/feel/expect that experienced nurses should be to them. I am not interesting in opening that can of worms tonight.
    I'd definitely need more than the hot tea with honey that I'm drinking.
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    <wondering if ORION worked anywhere a nurse did BEFORE she /he completed nursing school????? I just hate that way too many people find out AFTER they become a nurse they don't like it......Can we say MANDATORY prereq to work in a hospital etc before you go to school to become a nurse? At least volunteer... I love being a nurse... I like where I work.. I dislike somethings that the uppers do..but I lso see why at times. This IS a place for those that want to vent... BUT I am more disturbed that anyone could come on here and make this the sole reason for wanting to leave nursing...or even use it as their choice to become a nurse. Come on people get some REAL life experience...then make a decision...I just see way too many coming out now whining about working weekends and threatening to quit if they have to work a certain holiday. I know that in the 4 years they were in school they had to figure out that someone is at the hospital 24/7/365!!!! I did not pick up on any "new grad hate"...but I understand quite a few new grads these days are very sensitive to being "made" <insert sarcasm here) to "feel" that way.. The treatment the new grads experience is not unique to their newness in their position...trust me nurses of all ages/experience.. have issues with incivility...some places worse than others...it is not acceptable but it happens. I see where I work the ones that should be role models and complain about others AND the new grads do not really communicate well with people. It's time to start communicating BETTER and stop talking about each other..if its important enough to go to management too..then you should have at least attempted a civil conversation with that person. Enough said..
  13. by   nurseladybug12
    Hearing about good days is just not entertaining... if you want to hear good, uplifting news watch Sunday Morning not the 5 o' clock local news, if you do not want to fill your head with negativity you know where not to look. I would say that if your heart is not in nursing, do not do it. I would say the money is not worth the headache. If you are getting "scared away" by people's posts, I would say your heart is not in it. I have often found that what the mind thinks or knows is wrong often doesn't coincide with what the heart wants. If you hear the BS and still decide it is what you want to do to later learn you don't like it, use it as a stepping stone.